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Suicide Squad in The Matrix #05 — Beer Run


We’re suddenly worried about logistics now?


Well, at least the animation was solid for the episode, even if it was the epitome of filler in a show that’s already having pacing issues. I especially liked the secretive call at the end which could’ve been used to foreshadow or set up something, but instead was just a recap and orders to keep doing what they were already doing. Great call, guys. Glad we spent time on it. Same with all the stuff about having to go back to the portal at the start. Your premise makes no sense, and then you immediately montage multiple days worth of running around the countryside, presumably NOT going back to the portal constantly, because then you have to go back the other way, unless all these big war battles are being accomplished in 15 minutes, in which case, your protestations about running out of supplies are more than a bit weird.

I’m not sure there’s a whole lot more to say though, as… again, filler. Harley gets a pet dragon? They continue to be incredibly stupid about having new magical powers supercharging their own? Why weren’t Clayface and King Shark just straight up brawling the dragon? Why do we suddenly need ammo when the only time we’ve used it in the last four episodes was in the montage that we just had? I thought we were getting by on magical weapons and improvisation. Isn’t Harley’s signature weapon a bat anyway? I would assume we’re going to be ignoring logistics after this episode regardless, the same we we’re ignoring the explicit “go to portal every three days” thing, so the whole thing is extra pointless and weird. 

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