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Summer 2024 Impressions: Isekai Shikkaku, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

Isekai Shikkaku

Short Synopsis: Osamu Dazai tries to commit double suicide but ends up in an isekai instead!

Amun: Honestly, this premiere was everything that I had hoped for. The touchy subject of suicide (integral to our lead character) was kept somber and light hearted at the same time (I actually burst out lauging at Truck-kun being used seriously). The gloominess of the “adventurer” surrounded by a standard fantasy troupe just hits all the right notes for me. Sure, he assembles a somewhat unlikely harem to go find his lost suicide partner. Sure, he has a silly poison effect that is overpowered. I don’t care, Dazai’s gloominess has won me over, and I’m stoked to spend the rest of the season moping through this!
Potential: 75%

Lenlo: I was… legitimately impressed with Shikkaku. I was fully expecting a mediocre “Using author names as window dressing” show like Bungou Stray Dogs. Instead I get an actually funny, gallows-humor filled Isekai dialogue that I actually want to pay attention to and a lead whose problems aren’t magically solved just by getting hit by a truck and isekai’ed into another world. Yeah it still has a lot of the standard trappings like stats, harems and OP magic powers, and yeah those remain the weakest part of the show. But between the Annette’s slow disillusionment with Isekai Heroes and Dazai’s unreal ability to give every line he speaks the weight of a suicidal man’s last words, which I suppose they are, even those tropes got a few chuckles. Even the truck gag got me, coming out of nowhere mid-suicide attempt. And as Amun says, it’s not like the suicide is played entirely for laughs. It’s somehow able to switch between a legitimate attempt and a joke at will. And it’s pretty damn effective! If Shikkaku could just drop the normal ecchi bullshit that occasionally crops up it could be fantastic. As is I’ll settle for gallows humor I so rarely get and an amusing lead who is absolutely done with everything. And if it happens to go somewhere, to keep my interest across the entire season, then more power to it.
Potential: 55%

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Short Synopsis: An intergenerationally wealthy harvest goddess is banished to the human realm after failing to protect her parents’ stockpile of rice.

Wooper: After one episode, the clearest thing Sakuna has going for it is its pretty background art, which mostly depicts floating, interconnected palaces comprising the show’s lofty realm. Many of these shots are set against powder blue skies with wispy clouds, or the pinkish-purple hues of twilight, making them highly memorable – which they’ll need to be, because based on the events of this premiere, we’re about to leave the lofty realm behind. Sakuna’s punishment for allowing a quintet of hungry humans to enter this godly domain and ransack her rice reserves is banishment to a demon-infested island, where her parents disappeared untold generations ago. It’s a nice setup for a coming of age story, as she’ll now be forced to rely on her own survival abilities to get by, rather than her parents’ reputation, but she’ll have the opportunity to search for them at the same time. Still, it’s hard to definitively call this one of the season’s better offerings, since it’s apparently going to spend the vast majority of its time in the human realm, and it hasn’t even set foot there yet. I don’t mind that temporary uncertainty, nor are the kid-friendly character designs an issue for me (as I imagine they are for Very Serious anime fans). I also like the Shinto vibes and the traditional Japanese soundtrack. It’s just that Sakuna doesn’t have a ton of momentum behind it going into episode 2, so it remains to be seen whether it’ll be worth a season-long commitment.
Potential: 50%

Lenlo: I wasn’t very impressed by Sakuna sadly. The childlike, chibi size designs were really unappealing to me, especially when contrasted with the kid-friendly but still adult proportioned human characters in the same scenes. Sure the backgrounds are nice, the Shinto stylings are appealing like Wooper says, and it’s decently animated. But that’s really all it has going for it. I can’t say I care for our lead nor their mission to cleanse a demon-filled island. The idea itself is fine, but the presentation of it feels so… safe? Toothless? There’s nothing to it, no bite, no hook. And that makes this a pass for me.
Potential: 5%

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

Short Synopsis: A massage therapist deals with fat elves trying, and failing, to lose weight.

Lenlo: You know, this season did feel a little lacking in the ecchi fetish department. Yeah we had the Russian Girl show, the Cosplay show, and the regular isekai bullshit. But this is the first one I’ve watched that really has absolutely nothing going for it outside of its fetish. And what a fetish it is. I can understand big tits, I can understand lolis (to an extent), elves, orcs, yandere, all of it makes sense on some level. But god damn I was not prepared for such an unapologetic fat fetish. I’m talking full gut. What’s more, Yaserarenai is that rare ecchi that somehow got permission to go completely uncensored. That’s right, no steam or convenient camera angles, it’s just full on giant nipples and fat stomachs shoved in your face. I’d be impressed if I wasn’t kind of disgusted.
Potential: 2Fat4Me

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