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Outbreak Company Anime Review

What is an otaku themed Isekai like?

It is time to talk about possibly one of my favorite anime: Outbreak Company. It is a comedy, Isekai, harem type show about an otaku that is transported to another world to bring his culture with him.

As the general manager of Japanese exports to this new realm, Kanou has some big shoes to fill. If you can’t trust the government with the job, you should hire an Otaku is the gist. 

The story is fairly straightforward in its flow, it is exactly what you might imagine in colonization. Get equipment and get to work. There are some needless episodes squeezed in there to fill space and to appease the viewer. What I liked most about the story was the comedic aspects and the stereotypes that were played out, such as the tsundere, maid cafes, Boy love, and absolute territory.

Outbreak company

The characters could have been stronger in my opinion and the story could be deeper, but with 12 episodes you can’t expect all that much. We did get closure on the story, however, which explains why we didn’t get more out of the show.

Really what I mean by this is that since the story had a clear beginning, track and ending 12 episodes were sufficient to do this with minimal character expansion or story arcs and plot twists. Mostly if you are looking for a quick laugh and a story about an otaku getting the perfect job, then I think this show is for you. 12 episodes are quick enough to bang out in a night, which I did last week in order to speak more on this show, so go on and enjoy.


Outbreak Company

It is pretty clear when watching this that there is no bigger meaning to the show, it exists simply to let you live out a fantasy of what would happen if I was tasked with the job that Shinichi had. It’s short, sweet and not too ero.

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