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Great Teacher Onizuka Anime Review

A classic comedy anime that you need to see

Great Teacher Onizuka is a classic anime for comedy lovers. GTO is an older anime released in the mid-2000s that captures an interesting story. GTO is about a delinquent whose aspirations were to be a teacher. Great Teacher Onizuka, GTO for short, is about a 22-year-old punk who finally lands his dream job as a teacher. He was hoping to land some young tail, but he was tasked with handling the most troubled class in middle school instead.

Onizuka is a champion of justice. Throughout this anime, he is challenged with teaching troubled kids the true lessons in life, the lessons that can only be learned through tough love.

Otaku community

GTO is for an anime fan who is looking for a good laugh and wants to learn some life lessons. Don’t judge a book by its cover, I know that’s pretty cliche. I would rather say that in the setting of Japan and the economic crisis, it is more important than ever to have faith in those with a pure heart and a desire to educate our youth.

The rather annoying thing I did tire of was the constant negative attitude from certain characters in class 3-4. A rather great theme in this anime that made me feel awful for an old man, has to do with the white car in the photo above. The famous white Toyota Cresta, if you decide to watch this show you will understand my devious satisfaction when it comes up. 

Overall if you have not seen GTO and you are an anime fan, I don’t know where you have been looking towards for information because this is a must-see in the otaku community. If I were to rate this:




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