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Tokyo Babylon production cancelled

It was revealed on 29 March that the TV anime production of Tokyo Babylon 2021 has been suspended.

The production of CLAMP’s work, which was announced in October 2020 with a planned broadcast of April 2021, was stopped after the animation company was found to have committed plagiarism on the character costumes. Following discussions within the production committee, it was decided that it would be impossible to work with the company due to the lack of trust. As a result, the production was shut down altogether (GoHands was listed as the animation studio in the original announcement and the teaser video has since been taken down by King Record). The committee, along with CLAMP, will discuss on a new production arrangement.

The official website of Tokyo Babylon 2021 posted the following apology message: “We, the production committee, are doing our utmost to deliver this important work of CLAMP as soon as possible under a new arrangement, so that you, our fans, can enjoy it from the bottom of your hearts. We would like to thank you for the continual support.”

Source: Comic Natalie


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