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Fire Force Manga Ending Explained! Soul Eater Prequel? Season 3 Updates!

Atsushi Okubo’s Fire Force Manga has finally reached its grand ending. Fans were in awe of the climax and readily praised the author’s work. Fire Force stretched upon till 300+ chapters, with 304th finally concluding the series. The chapter finds the Fire Force grounds away from all the battles. Meanwhile, a great revelation comes across, which has satisfied all the fans, or so to say. So, what happens as the manga concludes? Here we find the Fire Force Manga ending explained.

Fire Force manga came out on September 23, 2015, and led on for six years, finally releasing its last chapter on February 22, 2022. It has a total of 32 volumes and 19 arcs in its bag. The success of the series soon led to its production as an animated series under Studio David Production. However, it was put at a halt after only two seasons. It is likely that an announcement about the show’s renewal soon surfaces after its pleasing ending.

Fire Force Manga Ending Explained

Fire Force Manga Ending Explained

The 304th chapter of Fire Force finds the world finally saved by the hands of Shinra Kusakabe. It takes a 25-year leap in the events of the manga and showcases Shinra now as a 42-year-old man. He turns out to be the Supreme Commander of the World Heroes Force, and the news of Shinra’s child getting enlisted. While his friends praise him, Shinra praises his long life and accepts the importance of his child. Finally, the scene brings a certain detail that shocks the fans to the utmost.

Soul Eater fandom needs to brace themselves as the readers will find the heroes appear as kids in the pages of the manga. Plus, Maka’s mom finally makes her face reveal after ten years of the original manga. It appears that the new world has finally been made where only good things occur. The chapter ends off with Maka, Soul, Devil the Kid, and Black Star appearing as young kids and “Soul World” next to it. To those who are unaware, the said characters are all from Atsushi’s creation, Soul Eater. Fire Force comes out to have the most wholesome ending after a very long time. Some fans even compare it to being as great as One Piece.

Fire Force Season 3 Updates!

The end credits of the manga left a bit of a hint that Atsushi might not be taking leave after this work. The author has previously claimed for Fire Force to be his final work. However, the publishing company Kodansha praises Atsushi for his manga and urges him to see his next work. Now, many fans argue that this might only be a way of formality and nothing much. But if Atsushi really desires to work on new projects, then his fans would be more than welcome for it.

Finally, the publishing company also mentions Season 3 at its end credits. With Fire Force finally concluding, the studio is likely to have enough source material for a third season. Many speculations are coming forwards predicting a Studio Bones and David Productions joining hands for the animation of its ending. Many fans are also longing for an epilogue arc. However, it is likely that Studio Bones will return with the latest version of Soul Eater after the Fire Force anime is done with. All in all, the end of the manga has brought a series of new opportunities for the manga and its fans.

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Fire Force Manga Ending Explained

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