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Dr. Stone Manga To Bid Farewell In The Next Two Issues! How Will The Story End?

Sad and unfortunate are understatements fr the news that you are about to read right now. A few months back, the makers of Dr. Stone manga revealed that the story was in its final arc. Fans had predicted that a conclusion would be announced soon enough. But they had no idea that it would be this soon. Yes, the Dr. Stone manga is on the brink of ending, and no one is happy about it. What did the announcement say? When is the manga ending? Here is all you need to know about it.

Back on October 10, 2021, Shonen released the 213th chapter of the manga. Of the Stone To Space Saga, the Moon Mission Arc was the final arc of the story. Four months have passed, and the story is already eyeing its conclusion. Dr. Stone will release the 230th chapter this week, which might be the penultimate outing of the manga. In the following subheads, you will find everything about the probable end of the manga.

Dr. Stone Manga

Dr. Stone Manga Ends In Two Weeks

Trustable Twitter leak accounts, including WSJ_manga and Mogura RE, have released the final verdict on Dr. Stone’s end. The posts suggest that according to the Japanese Message Board, Dr. Stone by Inagaki Riichiro and Boichi will reach the concluding point in presumably two chapters. Plus, if there are no breaks in the release of the Weekly Shonen Jump, the manga might end in the first week of March itself. The 14/2022 Issue of the magazine will have the final chapter of the manga. This tease is yet to get an official stamp by Shonen.

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How Will Dr. Stone Conclude?

Dr. Stone is currently drawing the Moon Mission Arc of the story. The unofficial posts suggest that the manga will conclude with an extended chapter that gives the answers to all the remaining questions. The last it was seen was in the manga that Senku wanted to negotiate with the Whyman in order to provide it with whatever it was demanding. It was revealed that the cluster of Medusas is looking for an intelligent race that can help them evolve.

Thus, they thought of petrifying all those races and giving them immortality. The reason why Senku does not want the same to happen to his people is that the same fate will befall them as well. With as many undying people, new ones will be born, and there will not be enough resources on the planet to nurture them all. This is the reason why Senku does not want humanity to get immortality like the rest of them. The overall crux of the manga will turn out to be that any form of intelligent life tends to become greedy at the end of the line.

Dr. Stone Manga

But in the climactic parts of the Moon Mission Arc, Senku will choose not to follow the same path as the other races. This is where they will create a difference and choose to eliminate the Whyman once and for all.

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