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Kengan Omega Chapter 130: Rolon Overpowers Ohma! Release Date

Since the announcement of the third season of Kengan Asura, fans have been excited to watch their favorite franchise back on the screens. However, in the manga world, fans are still tensed about the fate of the match between the Kengan Association and Purgatory. In the previous edition, Rolon announced that he was going to put an end to the reign of the Kengans. Kengan Omega Chapter 130 holds the final victor of this bowl. Who is going to win the final match? Here is all you need to know.

The next chapter of Kengan Omega will continue to showcase the powers of Rolon Donaire and Ohma. Rolon has made it clear that he wants to end the match as soon as it begins. On the flipside, Ohma is angst after watching his friend die right into his arms. However, he will have to overlook his emotions and fight for Purgatory and its legacy.

Kengan Omega Chapter 130

Kengan Omega Chapter 130: Plot Details

In the incoming chapter of Kengan Omega, one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament will commence. The Kengan Association and the Purgatory have had a history of victory and losses. This had resulted in a long-stretched rivalry between the two. After Fei declared on his death bed that Ohma was, in fact, the vessel for Tiger, the Kengan Association is keener on taking him down first.

Kengan Omega Chapter 130 will finally commence the match between the two champions, Rolon and Ohma. At the beginning of the battle, it is most likely that Rolon will overpower his opponent. However, as the match progresses, he will end up losing most of his strength. This will be the time for Ohma to rebound upon him. Thus, in the second half of the match, Ohma will get his time to take the fight to a balanced plane. But the result of this match still remains uncertain.

Kengan Omega Chapter 130

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 129th chapter of Kengan Omega began with the announcement of the next round of the Purgatory match. The first champion to be called was Rolon Donaire. As he entered the arena, his stature declared that he had come to win the match. He also announced that no player could stop him from becoming the ultimate champion. On the other hand, Tokita Ohma also geared up for the decisive match.

He was visibly nervous before the match. The host announced the beginning of the match between the Kengan Association and the Purgatory. Both Rolon and Tokita enter the arena. Rolon declared that he was going to end the reign of the Purgatory. However, Tokita proceeded to peacefully continue warming up for the fight. The chapter ended before commencing the first round.

Kengan Omega Chapter 130

Kengan Omega Chapter 130: Release Date

As Ohma and Rolon collide, the world will get the ultimate winner of the biggest rivalry of the tournament. Who is going to win the bowl? Kengan Omega Chapter 130 will release on Thursday, October 14, 2021. The chapter will be available on the official website of Kodansha. Fans can also read the latest chapter, Kodansha’s Ura Sunday magazine. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.

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