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Solo Leveling Manhwa On Hiatus: Chapter 169 New Release Date & Plot Details

For the past two weeks, fans have been searching the internet for the next chapter of Solo Leveling manhwa. Chapter 169 of the Korean manga was supposed to release on September 30, 2021. However, the chapter got delayed twice this month. It was much later after the delay that the publishers addressed the matter. A few days back, the official Twitter feed of D&C Comics released a note stating why the manga was running late on the schedule. So, here is all you need to know about the delay.

The next chapter of the manhwa is a crucial addition to the story. The Gateway of Tokyo has opened up, and Jin Woo is anxious about the events that may follow. The armies of the devil are approaching Earth, and Jin Woo is the last standing warrior who can defend the race. On the other hand, the war between the Rulers and the Monarchs is also on the verge of breaking out. Let’s see what the new outing holds in store for the fans.

Solo Leveling Manhwa

Why Was Solo Leveling Manhwa Delayed?

Solo Leveling Chapter 169 was supposed to release last week on October 7, 2021. However, the chapter was abruptly halted from the release on the due date. Since then, fans have been searching the internet for answers in regards to the delay. It was only after the date passed by that the official Twitter handle of D&C Comics addressed the hiatus. The publisher noted that author Chugong is currently unhealthy and under rest. Thus, the next chapter of the Solo Leveling Manhwa has pushed further ahead.

The note also revealed the solid release date of the next outing. It also said that within two days of the release, the English scans would also come out.

What to Expect From Chapter 169?

The next chapter of Solo Leveling Manhwa is set to deal with the conflict between the Monarchs and the Rulers. According to Jin Woo, the war between the two is already on the verge of breaking out. In the previous chapter, he was seen spending a good time with his mother and sister. As he was cooking classic Korean delicacies, his mother commented that his father also cooked before making a tough decision in life.

Later, he went back to camps to address the soldiers. He said that even though not all of them could get along very well, this was the war that was against the survival of the humans. The Gateway of Tokyo had opened up, and the armies may march upon them any day. Thus, his men must learn to settle their difference and come to terms with the realities of life and death. Solo Leveling Chapter 169 will focus on the war strategies of both the Monarchs and the Rulers.

Solo Leveling Manhwa

Solo Leveling Manhwa: New Release Date

For the last two weeks, the manhwa has been facing abrupt delays in the release. Every week, the websites show no update on the release schedule. The official Twitter account of D&C Webtoon has clarified that the next chapter will release this Thursday on October 14, 2021. The chapter will release on the official website of Kakaopage. In case of a further delay, we will be sure to update this section. Keep an eye on this corner for more.

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