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Dr. Stone Chapter 226: “A Confluence Of Wants” Release Date

It took two long weeks for Dr. Stone Chapter 226 to come to the floors. The hiatuses and breaks have become quite common for manga. Every two weeks, the author seems to take a week-long break. But the 226th outing will be starting the next phase of the moon mission. Not Earth, not space, but the fight will be beginning right on the surface of the moon. So, what can this team expect to see on Earth? Here is everything you need to know about the next chapter.

The makers have already dropped the plot details of the next chapter. Undeniably, this outing will kick-start the fight on the moon. It is evident that the team will be meeting the Why Man shortly. But before this, they can also expect to meet with his minions or even an army for that matter.

Dr. Stone Chapter 226

Dr. Stone Chapter 226: Plot Details

The official plot details of the upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone are out. As suggested in the plot details, the chapter will be titled “A Confluence of Wants.” The first and foremost priority for the Senku, Kohaku, and Stanley are to fix the electrical board that has been tampered with because of the stone hair. So, Ryusui will be the one who brings the alternate motherboard for them. As this gets mended, unit 4 will take a leave after establishing contact with the ground-level team.

Later on, it will be time for the final landing. The plot spoilers only give away three lines. This includes the first three people to go down to the moon. Secondly, the first three to land on the moon, but only one to stay on the command ship and give orders. And lastly, the one person who gets to keep the trophy. This probably refers to Kohaku, who will stay back at spacecraft to safeguard it from intruders. Dr. Stone Chapter 226 will also include the grand scene of the moon landing mission.

Dr. Stone Chapter 226

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 225th chapter of Dr. Stone started with the team beginning the first step of their mission. The two units of the spacecraft were to be removed from the shuttle. However, Senku was not impressed by the small improvements. He was going to be distressed until they got to the Why Man. A minute passed by, and there was no word from the team from Earth. Senku wondered why the ground team was not responding. It turned out that their shuttle had lost connection with the audio.

Later on, Senku went into the main circuit room to check what was wrong. It turned out that the audio gear was working efficiently. But it was the electrical board that had malfunctioned. Upon a cross-check, it was found that there was a strand of stone hair stuck inside of the board. But somehow, the direction of the shuttle was adjusted on its own. Senku finds that Ryusui was approaching them from Unit 4 along with a gyroscopic phenomenon that fixed the problem.

Dr. Stone Chapter 226

Dr. Stone Chapter 226: Release Date

This weekend is going to be filled with action and adventure. With Senku reaching the moon, the only way of getting back home is by securing victory. But what is the Why Man planning for the intruders? Dr. Stone Chapter 226 will be releasing this weekend on January 23, 2022. Fans will find all the chapters only on the official website of Viz Media. Thus, keep an eye on this space to get more updates on the same.

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