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11 Best Naruto Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones 

There are few gifts that can beat a well-thought-out Naruto gift. Man, Naruto gifts slap differently, especially when they are based on our favorite Naruto characters.


The Naruto gifts help us embody the powers and abilities of our favorite characters – think about the power of the nine tailed fox, the copy wheel eye, Baryon Mode, healing and superhuman speeds among other cool skills.

So, do you have a Naruto friend you’d love to gift and are wondering what to gift them? Here are awesome gift ideas from a Naruto fan.

11 Best Naruto Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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Naruto is one of the most popular anime and Manga series. It’s also a favorite anime and manga series for many fans, especially because of its wide array of costumes, props and merchandise. Here are 11 gift ideas that will help you choose a perfect surprise for your loved one.

#1 Naruto Monopoly Board Game (The Perfect Gift For Narutards!)

Japanime Games Naruto: Ninja Arena Complete Set : Toys & Games -

Yo! Naruto Ninja Arena is just the thing! Its a roller coaster that uses the roll and clash system that pits players against fellow ninjas to test their speed, strategy, and mental strength. Players use their resources to wound, weaken, and knockout their rivals and the winner becomes the ultimate mighty ninja.

The anime themed game board, pieces and other props have well designed images of Naruto characters, and you can select from the many colors and designs the game offers. 2-6 characters play the game at the same time, which leaves no chance for boredom. It helps to buy Naruto Ninja Arena when your favorite Anime gift shop offers discounts so that you get it at an affordable price.

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#2 Naruto Ninja Classic T-Shirt ( The Ideal Gift … to a Tee!) Ripple Junction Mens Naruto Uzumaki Anime T-Shirt - Naruto  Shinobi Mens Fashion Shirt - Naruto Run Tee (Black, Medium) : Clothing,  Shoes & Jewelry

A Naruto t-shirt gift is the best way to tell your loved one, ” Here, I gift you Nirvana in fabric.” And that’s not a metaphor, by the way. Think about the comfort, style, and functionality of a t-shirt, and then add the beauty of a Naruto leaf village symbol and the gift becomes art.

Buy a Naruto Ninja Classic T-Shirt made from premium fabric ( we plan on keeping the gift till infinity. Wink wink ). Consider the recipient’s favorite Naruto characters, their size, design preference, and favorite colors.

And, on behalf of all Naruto Shippuden enthusiasts, we already love you more for that awesome thought.

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#3 Sasuke Uchiha Enamel Pin ( the gift for all seasons!) FiGPiN Sasuke Uchiha #533 Naruto Shippuden - Collectible Pin :  Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

A lapel pin, a.k.a enamel pin is a bold communication of the wearer’s affiliation. You can wear this to almost any event ( weddings, work, weekend getaways, dinner dates  and much more). Business brands love gifting this to their staff, political and social campaigners pass them around especially because a lapel pin is one inexpensive gift idea.

A Sasuke Uchiha enamel pin has awesome ninja art inscribed on it,  or you can choose other Naruto characters depending on the gift recipient’s character preference.

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#4 Uzumaki Otaku Naruto  Night Light (And Let there be light!)

Naruto Uzumaki Otaku Lamp – Naruto Shippuden – Anime Lamp Figure Night Light,  16 Color RGB LED – Remote, 3D Anime Room Décor Gift for Otaku - -

Excellent night lights bring darkness to life – gives it character, emotion, and expectation.  Gives it Hope. A Narutard, like any other anime and manga fan, likes sleeping in the company of their favorite Naruto character. And does it get better than waking up to the reassuring light beaming from the mighty Uzumaki Otaku or any other favorite character?

An Anime themed night light is an excellent gift idea for kids, especially if they are afraid of sleeping in the dark. Nothing can get to them when their favorite anime character is watching, right? Buy an Uzumaki Otaku Night Light from a reliable anime gift platform, and ensure that you choose colors that your loved ones like.

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#5 Naruto Shippuden Naruto Vs Sasuke Funko Pop (The Best Fight Comes to Life!)

Funko Pop! Naruto Shippuden Naruto Vs Sasuke Exclusive Anime Moments : Toys  & Games -

Naruto Shippuden (the series’ titular character), and his Hidden Leaf Village teammate, Sasuke Uchiha, end the anime series in an epic  battle that many Naruto Shippuden fans term as the best battle in the anime series.

The Sasuke vs Naruto pop figurine encompasses the adorable figures of the talented ninjas in fight. Naruto Adorable Vinyl Action Figure is created on a 3.75 inches tall stand,  and is made using high-quality materials.

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#6 Naruto Hatake Kakashi Wall Art Print Décor Anime Kakashi Hatake Canvas Art Poster And Wall Art Picture  Print Modern Family Bedroom Decor Posters 16x24inch(40x60cm): Posters &  Prints

Beautiful posters bring your loved ones’ walls to life, and which better way to achieve this than by mounting a high definition image of the mighty ninja, Kakashi Hatake? The 16×20 inch poster is made using premium Epson luster paper, and printed with equally high quality ink.

Posters look better when they are framed, and it would help to find frames and other wall art accessories to accompany this gift.

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#7 Hinata Naruto Casual Backpack

Custom Naruto and Hinata Casual Backpack School Bag Travel Daypack Gift:  Buy Online at Best Price in UAE -

There are a million things to carry in a backpack, and a even more ways to incorporate a beautiful backpack in your everyday outfit. Students will enjoy carrying books in a fancy anime back pack, and company executives will enjoy the convenience of a Hinata Naruto backpack.

The Naruto Hinata backpack offers great space to carry books, laptop and other personal accessories, has a great back support, and has adjustable straps, and a soft mesh back panel to make it breathable. You can also choose backpacks with other anime and manga characters apart from Hinata Naruto.

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#8 Naruto Uzumaki Thermal Aluminum Water Bottle (the cool gift!)

Buy Kotobukiya

Water bottles are a great gift idea regardless of the recipients’ age, gender or profession – we all need a nice bottle to carry our water and beverages. But this becomes even better when we have a stylish anime Naruto water bottle that changes color depending on the temperature of the content.

The Naruto Uzumaki Thermal Aluminum Water Bottle has a well-fitting, rubber screw cork that is designed to be the handle and prevent spillage. A water bottle is not just a gift to your loved ones, it’s a gift to the planet when think about the plastic water bottle menace.

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#9 Naruto Shippuden Decorative Pint Glass (To Ineffable Pleasure!) Naruto Shippuden 16 oz Team 7 Drinking Glass Set of 4 Feat.  Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Shippuden, set of 4 Pint/Beer/Party Glasses :  Everything Else

You know us, anime enthusiasts – we love ourselves a good time hanging out with our favorite character,  sipping on a good drink. Gifting us an anime pint glass means that you not only know us well enough to understand our favorite Naruto characters, but also an indicator of your wish that we stay happy.

The Naruto Decorative pint glass set comes with four awesome pint glasses, each with a different Naruto character image smiling with you when you sip on that chilled awesomeness of good beer.

So cheers to a good gift!

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#10 Naruto Sharingan Necklace (Love, Straight From the Neck)

Sharingan Necklace Halloween Itachi Cosplay Accessories Unsex Anime Cosplay  Necklace |

We love jewelry. Anytime. A Naruto Sharingan, or copy wheel eye, is an ability that most Uchiha clan members possess – it allow the ninja using it the power to defeat opponents easily by copying their moves before they even make them.

The anime necklace pendant is made from quality alloy and a comfortable 19 inch cord. If this is a gift for your lover, why not get two identical Naruto anime necklaces that you can wear as a show of affection for each other?

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#11 Akatsuki Collectors Looksee Box (Surprise Surprise!)

Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Collector Looksee Box Items | Itachi Uchiha  Accessories | Geeky Gift Box | 5 Themed Toy Collectibles: Buy Online at  Best Price in UAE -

Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Collector Looksee Box contains 5 Naruto themed toys and other Akatsuki merchandise. The items vary with each package, and they could include a trendy Naruto keychain keychains, decorative wall posters, rubber charms, ink pens, among other cool items.

This collector’s looksee box is an ideal gift for kids and pre-teens, and it is also a cool akatsuki cosplay accessory set for young adults too.

Product Link : Amazon 

 There is So Much to Love About Naruto Gifts

Naruto anime and manga series is packed with amazing scenes, costumes, and props that many anime lovers will identify with. It will help to consider the recipient’s age, favorite Naruto characters and style preference when choosing an appropriate gift for Naruto fans. Your budget, item functionality, durability and the occasion are also great pointers towards great Naruto gift ideas.

Finally, the overall gift presentation matters a lot, which becomes easier to do if you purchase your Naruto gifts from a trusted online store with a great packaging sense (You want the gift to create a good first impression, don’t you?).

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