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20 Awesome Gifts for Anime Lovers

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You can’t begin to understand how we, Anime and Manga fans, love well-thought-out gifts. Like we LOOOVE anime gifts.

And by well-thought-out, we mean anime and Manga gifts that resonate with our favorite anime  characters and series – remember that time you gave one of us a relevant anime gift and found us cuddling it while sleeping?

That’s crazy, yes?

And Beautiful? Oh yes!

An anime gift is awesome like that.

But how do I know which gifts for anime lovers you’d love when I am not even an anime and manga fan?

Chill out fam, we got you.

Here are 20 suggestions of the most popular Anime and Manga gift ideas that will wow your anime loving friends and family.

20 Exciting Gift Ideas for Anime Lovers ( From an Anime Gift Lover )

Japanese Wooden Prop,Demon Slayer Cosplayer′s Clog Shoes Prop for Agatsuma  Zenitsu, Anime Cosplay Wooden Props,Wooden Geta Shoes Traditional Slippers, Demon  Slayer Clog Shoes : Toys & Games

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When shopping for a perfect gift for anime fans, you should remember that we are easy to please.  We appreciate that you considered our love for anime, and even better, you know us well enough to know our favorite characters and series.

So here they are, some ideas to help you get us that nice gift (you know we love that):

# 1 I Paused My Anime To Be Here Otaku Anime Merch Gift T-Shirt (You Can’t Go Wrong With This!)

I Paused My Anime To Be Here Otaku Anime Merch Gift T-Shirt : Clothing,  Shoes & Jewelry

I Paused My Anime To Be Here Otaku Anime Merch Gift T-Shirt : Clothing,  Shoes & Jewelry

You know why gifting someone a T-Shirt is a great gift idea? Because everyone wears them. Almost every anime enthusiast I have come across loves to lay back, look at the beauty of life, and marvel at the amazing creation the Universe is.

Anime T-shirts are an ideal gift for anime lovers, because it makes us feel connected to the characters and Anime shows we enjoy watching. We also love attending an anime and manga event in anime-inspired apparel, and which better way than in an anime shirt?

Consider the size of the gift recipient, their favorite anime characters, their preferred t-shirt design and their hobbies when shopping for a t-shirt. It would also help to evaluate the fabric used to make the T-shirt, and the precision of the anime art on the cloth.

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# 2 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Kamado Tanjirou Earring (The Ageless Gift!)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Kamado Tanjirou Earring Cosplay Accessory Prop

Earring lovers, regardless of their age or gender, love a good collection of earrings – they are always in the earring gift receiving mode. An earring becomes a piece of art when we can relate it to a popular manga or anime series. So go ahead, gift us those Zoro earrings, or any other that excites you in this gift guide.

As you shop for this anime lover’s gift, look out for earrings that excite the gift recipient – do you often see them in hoop earrings or studs? Can you think of a dress or other outfit they can wear the earrings with? Does it remind them of their favorite anime character or series?

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#3 ONE PIECE Roronoa Zoro Cosplay Costume (Someone?… Any One?… Please?) Una pieza Roronoa Zoro Cosplay traje 3233 : Juguetes y Juegos

Oh! You should see us representing our favorite anime characters, wearing what they wear, expressing ourselves using sure gestures as they do, and being grateful that we can live life as popular characters- even if it’s just for a moment.

Anime costumes are an excellent choice for an anime fanatic gift, especially if you have them custom made. Ensure to get their measurements right, the character they are dying to cosplay, and a trusted shop for anime costumes. If they have mentioned an upcoming anime and manga event, it would help if you order the costume well in advance to allow time for tailoring and shipping.

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#4 I Love Anime Sweatshirt Cute Anime Girl Japanese Sweatshirt (Let’s Be Trendy Here!) I Love Anime Sweatshirt Cute Anime Girl Japanese Gift :  Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Sweatshirts are massively accepted gifts in the anime community. They are warm and cozy and are great to wear for any season. Sweatshirts are also easy to blend with other clothes without turning your closet upside down. Gift recipients who love the morning run will have one more gear for their exercise  routine.

Plain colored anime sweatshirts are relatively easier to choose, and the cool anime image is easier to spot because it is foregrounded (As opposed to when it competes with other colors on the fabric). Ensure they have relevant, well drawn images of their favorite anime series or characters. Also check the sweatshirts design to be certain that it suits the recipient’s fashion sense.

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#5 TOBGBE Calcifer Makeup Bag (These are Cute!) TOBGBE Anime Gift My Patronus is Calcifer Makeup Bag Moving  Castle Gift Anime Lover Cosmetic Bag Cute Calcifer Makeup Bag (Calcifer bag)  : Beauty & Personal Care

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Your female anime fan friends have probably postponed buying a small pouch to keep their makeup brushes, lipstick, deodorants, among other personal beauty items. An anime Calcifier makeup bag is a fantastic idea, especially because they are easy to carry around, and they will be a constant reminder of the love and warmth you have toward the gift recipient.

Choose a calcifier makeup bag with special features like having an internal zipper pocket where they can keep their cards, mobile phones, receipts, among other personal items. The quality of bag’s fabric, sewing and overall presentation are great factors to consider when shopping. Finally, check out the bag’s functionality and the ease to adopt it for other functions.

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#6 Unisex Colorful Funky Design Cute 90s Cartoon Socks ( Warm, Cozy, Thoughtful!)

Mens Funny Socks 6 Pairs Unisex Colorful Funky Design Cute 90s Cartoon  Socks Women Casual Novelty Crew Dress Socks 10-13 : Clothing, Shoes &  Jewelry

Socks are cool anime gifts and are popular because they are comfortable and relatively easy to shop for. Quite a few people neglect buying socks, and end up buying them while in a hurry (and have limited time to choose the design, color, and fabric they would love to have).

Socks made using high density materials easily absorb sweat, and last longer. Also, select socks with arch support and Y-heel pockets that make them fit well. Finally, socks with full sole cushion support are comfortable, and you should confirm this before you buy anime novelty socks.

Gifting your loved ones quality anime novelty socks is a gesture they will be grateful for many cold winter nights.

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#7 Anime Themed Genshin Impact Klee Backpack (We too love the convenience!)

Genshin Impact Klee Backpack Premium Edition Cosplay Accessory Prop

Backpacks allow you to carry your (relatively) light belongings in an easy and comfortable manner. They are also safe, organized, and trendy. Friends and family who frequently travel for work, or college students who need to carry books and laptops, and other research materials will appreciate an anime themed mini-backpack as a gift. Anime mini-backpacks are also great gifts for kids.

Female anime lovers will appreciate backpacks with feminine colors like peach, pink, and rose. Masculine colors like navy green, blue, and grey are more suited for male gift recipients. Choose a backpack with adjustable straps,  and is made from quality material. Finally, the anime art on the bag should be relevant and drawn to precision.

Product Link : EZcosplay

#8 Lulucartoons Anime Custom Portrait with Canvas Print ( Draw Me a Hero!) Lulucartoons Custom Anime Portrait with Canvas Print - Anime  Merch - Hand Drawn Wall Art - Anime Wall Decor - Personalized Wall Decor -  People, Pets Prints Anime Wall Art for

An avid anime lover will be excited to see a funny drawing of themselves as their favorite anime character. Custom anime portraits could also include them as actors of their favorite anime scene, which gives the portrait motion and makes it even more exciting. Custom made portrait ideas are endless and you can recreate a scene in the recipient’s life to remind them of the hero they are.

Hire an artist who is a huge anime fan to draw the portrait, and be as clear as possible when giving instructions. Share the recipients latest photograph so that the the artist can portray them as they currently look. Consider the amount of space the recipient has when deciding on the frame size, and the extent of details you want when evaluating the cost.

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#9 The Demon Castle Princess Syalis Pillow  (Oh Sleep!)

Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle Princess Syalis Pillow Cosplay Weapon Prop

You feel unstoppable after a good night’s sleep. You know that relaxed attitude you bring into your workday, and how much you get done after a blissful rest? Gifting your loved one anime-themed pillows and beddings shows that you care for their well-being, satisfaction, and happiness. What’s even better, beddings rarely go unused – everyone likes an extra set of beddings (c’mon, I’m not the only one that loves to have enough beddings to host a whole state.)

You will shop for beddings and pillows with colors that blend in with the recipient’s bedroom walls, curtains, and carpets. Look for a comfortable fabric ( You won’t go wrong with100% cotton), and ensure to get the recipients’ bed measurements right.

Product Link: EZcosplay

#10 My Hero Academia Hero Sours Candy in Collectible Box Tin! (The Luscious Gift)

My Hero Academia Hero Sours Candy In Collectible Box Tin! -

Are you crushing an avid anime lover? Snack their stomach to submission. Like be immoderate with snacks and thy will be done.

You are welcome, by the way (wink wink).

You know how we spend too much time worrying about when the next episode of our favorite manga series will come out and forget to cook? Now imagine our surprise when we open your gift box to find a snack with our favorite anime character begging to be eaten!

Paradise, that’s how they created it – Anime themed snack after another after another anime themed snack.

Snacks are a friendly anime gift idea  especially because they are easy to shop for, and you only need to know your loved one’s favorite flavor. and favorite anime series or character. Anime snacks are also relatively affordable compared to other gifts. You can order custom made Japanese  snacks online, or hire a baker with reputable anime graphic drawing skills to bake and draw the relevant anime graphic on the snack.

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#11Anime Themed Coffee Mug Tea Cup  ( Gift someone something special) 

Anime Themed Coffee Mug Tea Cup - 11oz Novelty - Gifts for Anime Fans  Addict Lover Japanese Manga Cartoon Kawaii Otaku Merch Funny Cute Gag Idea  - Watching Mug One More Episode : Home & Kitchen -

We shall relish in your love every time we sit by ourselves, enjoying our  tea and coffee in an anime cup with an anime design you specifically chose for us. Mugs are huge anime fan gifts especially if they have a custom anime portrait of ourselves printed on their surface. You could also have a family anime portrait, or just write the words “Anime is Life” and we shall relate to your gift.

See why an anime mug is a top fun anime gift idea?

Choose graphic designs from their favorite anime series or favorite character and print them on custom made mug gifts (From Ball Z, Fullmetal alchemist, to Naruto, among others). Anime lovers’  coffee and tea mugs feel like a warm hug each time we drink our favorite beverage in them.

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#12 Anime Characters Coloring Book (Inspire them to Create!) Anime Characters Coloring Book: Drawing Book for Teens and  Adults - Ideal Gift for Anime and Manga Fans: 9798811108107: Sebun  Paradaisu: Books

An anime-themed artbook is a cool gift idea for anime fans especially if they dream of drawing the next big Japanese-inspired animation series. We treasure evenings spent with a good pencil and an art book, drawing different versions of our favorite characters, or creating new manga stories.

A drawing book are awesome gifts for artistic children, as they are in the experimental age and have the time to practice and draw their favorite anime art. An adult  anime lover would also appreciate the chance to (re)create their favorite anime graphics.

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#13 Funko POP Anime Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman Action Figure (The Perfect Anime Manga Collector’s Gift!)

Funko Pop - Attack On Titan - Levi Ackerman # 235 | Shopee Singapore

Figurines  of popular anime characters and series are amazing anime lover gift and they make great collectibles. They come in simple forms (like Keychains), or more complicated designs (like plush dolls). While most people will think of our love for collecting Anime merchandise as misplaced, we revere relevant Anime Funko Pop collectibles.

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#14 Sailor Moon Makeup Brushes (The Ideal Gift for Girls!) Sailor Moon Makeup Brushes, Anime Pink Metal Magic Wand Handle  Makeup Brushes Professional, Eye/Face/Lip Makeup Brushes Tool Sets & Kits  Cosplay, Valentine/Halloween/Christmas Gifts (A - Pink Small) : Beauty &  Personal

An anime themed makeup gifts top the list of gifts for female friends and family. Think about makeup brushes, glitter gels, lipstick, nail polish among other items. You could buy a complete anime themed makeup kit, or buy the items separately.

Product Link : Amazon 

#15 My Hero Academia Anime Themed Night Light (Gift us a Guardian Angel)

3D Anime Lamp,My Hero Academia Dabi Led Light for Bedroom Decor Cool Manga  Gift for Him Colorful Night Light Dabi, Christmas Gift Omtz.Yao - -

I can’t even start to explain the peace we have when we wake up in the middle of the night to find our favorite character staring at us in form of a night light. Anime themed night lights come in various colors and brightness, and are an ideal anime gift for children who fear sleeping in the dark. So go ahead, gift that child a guardian angel shaped like their favorite anime and manga series or character.

Product Link : Amazon

# 16 Noir Anime Character Design Illustrations and Sketchbook Paperback 

Noir Anime Character Design Illustrations and Sketchbook: Bee Train: Books

Various anime design artists have published books themed on a particular anime and manga series. Each artist brings their own experience into the series, and you could have multiple books themed on the same series and still enjoy them differently.

Consider the recipient’s favorite characters, shows and scenes. It would also help to get an autographed copy of the artbook!

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#17 Anime Blanket (This We Shall Receive – Warmly of Course!) Anime Blanket Cartoon Throw Blanket Soft Lightweight Flannel  Blanket for Bedding Couch Sofa Living Room D3 60

We love evenings when we get to sit and enjoy our anime shows. Having an anime themed blanket to cuddle in will be a great addition to coffee and snacks and candy. Gifting anime enthusiasts relevant blankets is an awesome way of saying, “Here, take all the love you need on a cold winter nights,”

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#18 Waterproof Vinyl Classic Cute Anime Stickers  (Just Because)

100 Pcs Anime Mixed Stickers Pack, Waterproof Vinyl Classic Cute Anime  Stickers for Water Bottle Hydroflask Laptop Skateboard Computer for Kids  Teens : Toys & Games

Anime stickers are cool. Anytime. They make our walls, books, fridge doors and other spaces illuminate with the beauty of our favorite characters. We shall love the stickers better when they reflect our favorite anime shows and characters.

They are relatively affordable and you can gift us stickers of various sizes, colors and material.

Product link: Amazon

#19 EZcosplay Anime Store Gift Certificate (We Love This!)

Give us the freedom to choose our gifts by giving us anime store gift cards. All you need to do is find our favorite store, buy a gift certificate, give it to us, and then let the games begin. Always ensure that the store is trustworthy, and that the store offers enough time for us to shop before the certificate expires.

Product Link : EZcosplay

#20 Anime Based Video Games (Best for Last?)

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba The Hinokami Chronicles Xbox Series X - Best  Buy

There are few things that beat the joy of playing your best anime and manga character in a video game. Anime lover gamers get into the character’s shoes, think and act as the character would. Also, what is better than playing a part in your favorite scene?

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It’s Ever That Serious in the Anime Community 

We cannot explain our love for anime, manga and related merchandise (Please don’t make us). We shall love you even better when your anime gift is relevant, and has an appealing overall impression.

So Gift Us!

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