My Happy Marriage Soul


*breathe slowly in and out* Let my happy soul catch her breathe for a moment here.. phew! 


I wish somebody would have pinched me that this adaptation was real and I’m real watching it. Last year I expressed my thoughts On My Happy Marriage Volume 1 and was hooked. Earlier this year was announced a anime adaptation but before that a live action, you can imagine my excitement. Finally here and pleases me greatly the adaptation is doing the story justice already, lost in the memorized daze affect this series after mark. Before heading to a convention this time last year I scrolled through amazon and found this light novel had just come out. Cinderella vibes, meiji era, historical romance, ticks all of my favourite boxes. First few pages we were engulfed of the drawing in picture of an innocent girl Miyo where everything had been stripped from her by here own soulless family who wouldn’t care if she were alive or dead. Miyo’s suffering was the drawing in card, plenty of characters in anime have their own essence of suffering that entice fans, Miyo’s suffering is truly delicate to me beautiful and awful at the same time. First, perfect lure to get to know this series. 

Enticing Suffering 

The moment you wish for the best of said character, you’re sold on the show itself I think. Miyo’s suffering is one full of lifelong tolerance and cruelty. Miyo was living in survival mode up until the point sent off to wed Kiyoka just as we did with rising cost of living currently when doing the grocery shopping and other expenses. Survival mode didn’t diminish the deep kindness that was within Miyo, clear to see despite the gross treatment of others. It’s a powerful thing to keep intact any compassion or kindness towards others when the walls come crashing down at any moment from your own hardships in life. To others Miyo may appear a lifeless doll but Miyo possesses a great shine that I wish to see become brighter. She doesn’t realise it at first but her whole innocent self is powerful and it is in this Miyo’s tragic suffering I find enticing. There is warmth and cold parts to it, overall wrenching towards her character. You want this girl to find sanctuary and when Miyo does I know it will be such a beautiful thing. 


To Know The Audience 

I like when a show knows it’s audience and My Happy Marriage makes that know within first episode, page. Historical, romance lovers souls are bursting along with the supernatural fans being enticed to the surprise supernatural touch here. From every point within the light novel and anime so far of where I’m up to not one area has been missed from the forming connection of Miyo and Kiyoka, swoon talking from Kiyoka lips, Despicable nature of Miyo’s family. Kiyoka presence is divine, a regal man that female fans like me wouldn’t mind having over me haha. Everything is set up splendidly, this story feels like I have been invited to a pre showing party to get the first look in and be whisked away with how prepared this whole tale was for it’s fan. I’ve not felt this way about a series for a long time. 


Pretty Pretty Pretty

Kinema Citrus studio have been around for a fair while they came on my radar back in 2019 when watching shield hero really adore their art style, visuals. I think for My Happy Marriage this is their best. Surroundings are bright and the finest detail of the characters are what I love most. Way Miyo’s eyelashes stand out and the main characters eyes are particular lovely feature. I was expecting sloppy animation for this series honestly because you can tell when a studio gives a shit or not let’s be frank here. Thankfully a lot of care was given to My Happy Marriage, otherwise I would have felt sorry over here. Having a series like this with many comfort ideals and genres mixed together that I know i’ll love, you get extra sensitive. This needed the pretty factor for Miyo’s character, her backstory, Swoon Kiyoka to make you drool, for the Meiji time period. A sense of serenity is required here and Kinema Citrus really achieved, treated with beauty. 

I have so much love for this series, this post could not put into words. Makes me tingle seeing others enjoying this rare series of combinations. The anime is far exceeding any expectation I had and now must own on Bluray because visuals man. If you are not watching this on Netflix, do so now. Give yourself some intrigue and peace because man I’m not waiting to binge this hell no. haha. 

My soul is happy! 

See you next post! 
Lita xx


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