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Akiraiger is Here to Save the Day!!

When you’re a little boy, you dream about becoming the coolest thing when you grow up. Things like it being realistic, or even physically possible, aren’t that big a concern. Whether it’s being an astronaut, a Jedi, a race car driver, or a superhero, if it’s cool, most little boys are going to want to be one. And that’s what Akira now wants to do for his bucket list: he’s become the superhero Akiraiger.

This is gonna be fun!

The Superhero Akiraiger Appears

So after remembering this time from his childhood where he dressed like a superhero and beat up some bullies, Akira decides nows the perfect time to become one for real. Despite the fact that he’s got no powers, no brilliant mind, or a ton of money. Yet he wants to be one anyway, and he’s got a lead.

At the Shinagawa Aquarium, they this special suit made from titianum mesh and steel fibers built to withstand bites from crocodiles and sharks. In other words, if he wears it, Akira will be zombie bite-proof. Thus, Akiraiger and his partner, the Blonde Nudist (Kencho dyed his hair and strips to attract zombies) are born. 

Sadly, there’s a flaw with Akira’s plan: his new super suit doesn’t stop things from biting into him. Thus, he still gets bit, and it hurts. The upside, though, is that his first outing leads him to save a group of people that includes a familiar face.

Shizuka is Like an Ice Princess…at First

Shizuka, the girl that Akira ran into on his beer run, makes her return amidst a group of survivors running that he saves. And even though she’s grateful for the rescue, she remains a veritable ice princess. She starts psycho-analyzing Akira and tearing down all his rationale. For example, she pegs him as this insecure guy whose doing this to boost his self-esteem. And that he’s risking his life and Kencho’s life for something stupid! It’s brutal to watch!

This episode does a good job of highlighting the contrasts between Akira and Shizuka’s mindsets. They’re like Kirk and Spock; Akira is the one with the crazy plans and let’s his gut and emotions guide his actions, while Shizuka is the one who relies on logic and rationale. She sees no point in working with Akira because she thinks he’ll get them killed. Ironically, it’s Alria’s willingness to act on emotions that saves her life when they’re cornered by a zombie shark. 

No, I’m not joking. There’s a great white shark turned into zombie that ate divers that are also turned into zombies. And now the divers’ legs are sticking out of the shark and using it to hunt for fresh meat. It’s the kind of thing that’s both hilarious and terrifying. It works!!

Shizuka and Akiraiger Will Return

So, in the end, Akira, Kencho, and Shizuka take down the zombie shark with a plan that would make Captain Kirk proud. Akira wears her down enough to get her contact info, and they all head their separate ways. Shizuka says that she doubts that she’ll ever see them again, but she’s in the opening and credits. She’s going to come back. However, it seems that Akira and Kencho can’t do much more in Tokyo, and the plague’s getting worse. Thus, they decide to say Sayonara Tokyo and head into the country for Akira’s hometown.

Zom 100 Episode 5-Shizuka Embarrassed

This was another funny episode from one of the best anime of the year. The only problem is that it got delayed a week due to some sort of athletics competiton, which cost it some momentum. The good news, though, is that the dub is now out for all to enjoy. Given how it has Zeno Robinson voicing Akira and Xander Mobus as Kencho, I’d say its in good hands. As for Akira, he’s doing a great job of living his life to the fullest, and I salute him. Also, I ship Akira and Shizuka. The sparks are there!

I Give “Hero of the Dead” a 4.5/5

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