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D&A Status Update with D.J. Lewis: What’s Next Going Forward!

Alright nerds and nerdettes. I honestly didn’t know how to start this post since my last one was…two, or three months ago? (Yeesh!) So I thought it was time to give you guys a status update on what’s next for D&A Anime Blog, and D&A Studios Entertainment going forward. Now I know many of you guys are wondering “When is the ‘Big Guy’ gonna return on Youtube? We only saw him one time about a month ago, and that’s it!”. Yes, it’s true; I did return on Youtube a month ago only to let everybody know what I was up to, but I also said that I would be making appearances on Youtube, occasionally. I don’t want you guys to get the idea that I’m slowly fading to black, because that’s not what’s happening here. Over the past three years, there have been some moments that have happened in my life that really put a lot of things into perspective, and made me think about what my next moves are for D&A as a whole going forward. But before I lay it all out for you guys, I gotta confess something to you…

As much as I love this project that Aaron and I have been on for seven (going on eight) years, I don’t want it to be the only thing people know me for. D&A has done so much for me as not just an individual, but as a partnership with ‘Jr. Hef’ himself. (*chuckles*) This project has allowed me to meet my childhood heroes, collab with Nerdcore Hip-Hop artists, and most recently; create my own ‘Afterparty’ entertainment brand known as “BASSMODE: Nerdz Nite Out”!

Does this mean that with my occasional appearances on Youtube and posting on the blog, that I’m phasing myself away from this project Aaron and I created? No. It means that I’m expanding my creative abilities and attributes, and not pigeonholing myself into one place, and one place only. With only four months of 2023 remaining, its time people knew me for more than just the ‘Big Guy’ on Youtube and Nerdz of the Decade. I’ve got a lot going for me in this season, and I don’t plan on missing out on any opportunities that will enhance and expand my creativity and ideas.

So to wrap this up; I’ll be making Youtube appearances one week before and the week after a convention we’re doing press for, or booked at. With PuchiCon 2023 happening October 21-22, you’ll see me before and after those dates. As for any other dates Aaron will let you know when I’ll make another occasional Youtube appearance, at the end of one of his videos, so stay tuned for that. So to review; you’ll see me twice during a ‘convention month’, and once in a while any other month. Also we’re still looking for contributors for the blog, so if your interested let us know.

Until next time, stay nerdy!

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