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What Episode Does Naruto First Use The Nine Tails Power

Naruto wields a formidable power called the Nine-Tails. 

This symbiotic connection between him and the fearsome Nine-Tails fox spirit has become a defining aspect of his journey. 

Yet, mastering this power was a challenging feat for Naruto. 

What Episode Does Naruto First Use The Nine Tails Power

In this article, we delve into the episode where Naruto first taps into the might of the Nine-Tails and follows his journey towards controlling this extraordinary force.

Let us look at the main ones:

Initiating the Nine-Tails Power: A Glimpse into Episode 16

From the very start of the series, Naruto was shunned by his Hidden Leaf village due to the Nine-Tails sealed within him. The villagers’ fear of the immense power the Nine-Tails possessed labeled him a monster.

This sealed power had also stunted Naruto’s growth, as their chakras were intertwined. Utilizing his chakra without weakening the seal was a constant struggle.

Without the Nine Tails inside him, Naruto would have lived a normal life with his parents. But he had a beast in him, a strong one! 

He could still use the Nine-Tails chakra because the 8 Trigram seal got weak whenever he was in a dire situation, but this power also came with its downsides.

Naruto’s first use of the Nine-Tails chakra occurs in episode 16, during a confrontation with Haku, a Kekkei Genkai Ice Release user.

Haku’s superior combat skills force Naruto to exhaust his chakra, resulting in his collapse. 

Sasuke steps in, desperately trying to protect Naruto, but the situation dramatically turns. 

Upon witnessing Sasuke’s dire state, Naruto’s emotions run wild, causing the 8 Trigram Seal containing the Nine-Tails chakra to weaken. 

This unleashes a surge of power that propels Naruto to overpower Haku, a remarkable turning point in his journey.

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The Nine-Tails’ Cloak: Unleashing Raw Power

Naruto’s use of the Nine-Tails chakra grants him the ability to envelop himself in its energy, enhancing his strength and healing capabilities. 

The extent of this power evolves as Naruto’s control increases. As he releases more chakra, additional tails materialize around him. 

What Episode Does Naruto First Use The Nine Tails Power

Naruto could not control his emotions in most of these forms, so he needed to learn to control the Nine-Tails chakra to become strong and achieve his dream of becoming the Hokage.

What Episode Does Naruto First Use The Nine Tails Power?

Base Form: Episode 16, used against Haku.

One-Tail Cloak: Episode 133, deployed in a battle against Sasuke.

Version 2: Four-Tail form, utilized in Naruto Shippuden episode 42 against Orochimaru.

Six-Tail Mode: Unleashed during the fight against Pain in Naruto Shippuden episode 144.

Kurama Chakra Mode: Achieved after defeating Kurama with his mother’s assistance, mastered and unveiled in Naruto Shippuden episode 247.

Sage Mode Fusion: Episode 381 of Naruto Shippuden witnesses the fusion of Sage Mode and Nine-Tails chakra during the war.

Baryon Mode: Introduced in Boruto episode 216, Naruto employs this transformation to counter Isshiki Ohtsutsuki at the cost of Nine-Tails’ chakra.

Naruto’s Struggle for Control: A Triumph Over Hatred

The journey towards harnessing the Nine-Tails’ power was riddled with challenges. The wrathful influence of the Nine-Tails chakra often overtook Naruto, putting his friends in danger.

Over time, Naruto’s path led him to Killer B, where he confronted his inner turmoil and self-hatred.

This marked the turning point that enabled Naruto to begin mastering the Nine-Tails’ power. 

What Episode Does Naruto First Use The Nine Tails Power

Naruto could control the Nine-Tails chakra with assistance from Yamato and the remnants of his mother’s chakra from Minato that further aided his control.

Ultimately, the combined strength of these influences allowed Naruto to tame the Nine-Tails chakra and embrace the Kurama Chakra Mode.

Mastery through Friendship and Understanding

Naruto’s mastery of the Nine-Tails’ chakra involved more than just technical prowess. 

Befriending the Nine-Tails and dispelling centuries-old hatred was essential to achieving complete control. 

Naruto established an unbreakable bond with the Nine-Tails by overcoming his inner demons. 

This profound connection enabled him to not only control the power but also become the most formidable shinobi ever.

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Conclusion: A Tale of Transformation

In the saga of Naruto Uzumaki, we witness a narrative of resilience and growth. He transforms his perceived weaknesses into unparalleled strengths. 

From being reviled as a monster, Naruto evolves into a hero who changes hearts and fates. 

His journey to control the Nine-Tails’ power symbolizes his larger narrative, showcasing that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome through determination, understanding, and the power of friendship.

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