My Eighty Six Baby

Ugh what is the point of tiktok and YouTube, even instagram to let me upload my proudest piece I’ve done yet for myself.

This the only place I can share my two months of on and off work. Eighty Six anime stole my heart and soul when it came out. An emotional journey you are entrapped in towards the characters particularly Shin. A very troubled mind with addictive nature of guilt being his best friend. His sense of duty ruins his mind and becomes someone who doesn’t wish for a tomorrow for themselves.

“The answer” written by Japanese musician Hiroyuki Sawano, sang by Japanese singer LACO. An incredible piece that is the cry for the group of the eighty six sent out as lamb to the slaughter to defend a Society that does not see them as their equal. This song captures the inner raging, angry, the hurt of what these young teens are feeling and I was surprised no one had made a AMV with this song. To me it was a match made in heaven.

Cleary I see why this amv did not exist. Due to my good old friend copyright but I was not about to have my hard work be shattered before me. Only place that would be safe is the blog, thank god. I hope whoever watches sees the emotions I tried to match with this song and the hard fight where no one felt liked they were going to win.

Screw you copyright!!

The Answer AMV

Thankyou to whoever watches!!

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