The Dangers In My Heart Season 2: Mangaka Hints At Renewal!

The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 is one of the most awaited rom-com anime. The first season of the anime took the internet like a storm. It had such a fantastic story and characters that were too cute to handle. A lot of amazing anime was released in the spring of 2023, but The Dangers In My Heart is definitely the best. Now, fans look forward to its next season. So will it return? Well, we have pleasant news for the anime enthusiasts. So keep reading to know that.

The Dangers In My Heart, written and created by Norio Sakurai, is a rom-com series that started as a manga in 2018 and was published by Akita Shoten. Later, in 2023, the anime for the manga was released with a total of 12 episodes. The first season of the show ended on June 18, and fans have wondered if it will receive another season. We have gathered everything fans need about The Dangers In My Heart Season 2. So keep scrolling and read the blog till the end.

Is The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 Officially Renewed?

The Dangers In My Heart has been officially renewed for a highly anticipated second season. This announcement has brought immense joy to fans worldwide, who are eagerly awaiting the continuation of this adorable story.  A preview and new illustration was released after the first season ended.

Rumour was already around that The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 was in production. But fans didn’t think they’d get the announcement this early. Fans worldwide loved the first season, and they wanted another season, and luckily they got it. That is why fans are hyped about the upcoming season and are going wild on the internet.

Several tweets have been sent by fans showing how excited they are. It is also said that this is the best rom-com anime of 2023. In the latest preview, fans can hear Yamada and Ichikawa confessing to each other. Thus, it seems like The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 has a lot to offer.

Also, the illustration shows Yamada, Ichikawa, and the other characters. The illustration is quite similar to the last episode of the show. This is because in that episode, too, Ichikawa fell over Yamada.

Which Studio Will Animate The Dangers In My Heart Season 2?

Shin-Ei Animation animated the first season of the show, and they will also be responsible for the animation of The Dangers In My Heart Season 2. Shin-Ei Animation Studio is a renowned Japanese animation company producing high-quality animated content since its establishment in 1976. With a strong focus on creating captivating and entertaining shows, the studio has developed a stellar reputation in Japan and internationally.

Shin-Ei Animation is best known for bringing beloved characters like Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, and Ninja Hattori-kun to life through their impressive animation skills and engaging storytelling techniques. The studio’s commitment to excellence can be seen in its meticulous attention to detail, vibrant color schemes, and seamless blend of traditional hand-drawn animations with modern digital techniques.

Credit- Shin-Ei Animation

Besides making everyone’s childhood memorable, this studio has also animated anime like Teasing Master Takagi-San, A Couple Of Cuckoos, Sweetness And Lighting, and more. Shin-Ei has animated chiefly slice-of-life or rom-com anime, and they have never disappointed their audience. The pilot season of The Dangers In My Heart had a very clean and soft animation, making it soothing for the eyes. It’s safe to say they’ll do well in the upcoming season as well.

Are The Dangers In My Heart Manga Finished?

The Dangers In My Heart manga written by Norio Sakurai so far has eight volumes and 120 chapters. The manga is ongoing, and it seems it still has much time until it ends. The manga series is also well-loved by fans, and it has also won a few awards and nominations. In 2020, it won the Best Manga on Web award, and it also ranked 3rd on Kono Manga ga Sugoi! In 2020.

Even though The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 has been announced, many fans don’t want to wait, and they want to read the manga as soon as possible. Those fans can start reading the manga from chapter 58 to chapter 57, which has been covered in anime. Hence, there is enough material for a new season. But the manga has already ended, so it’s unlikely that the anime will return for more seasons.

Credit- Shin-Ei Animation

The Dangers In My Heart Season 2: Plot Details

The Dangers In My Heart anime follows the life of Kyotaro Ichikawa. He is an introverted guy who often avoids people. But in his head, he thinks of murder and other stuff. His biggest fantasy is to see his crush, Anna Yamada’s dead body covered in blood. Yamada is a beautiful and tall girl who is also a model and is loved by everyone. She is the total opposite of Ichikawa.

However, Yamada likes to eat a lot, which only a few know about it. One day, she meets Ichikawa in the library, and from there, a new friendship is formed. Even though Ichikawa thinks about murder and stuff, he is a kind and soft-hearted person who likes Yamada a lot. In the last episode of the show, fans saw that it was New Year, and Ichikawa was visiting the temple with his parents, and there he met Yamada.

Credit- Shin-Ei Animation

Yamada joined him and his family. Since Ichikawa’s hand was broken, she helped him in praying correctly. Later, Yamada was invited to Ichikawa’s house by his older sister. After a while, Ichikawa’s sister left, leaving him and Yamada alone at home. Later, Yamada visited Ichikawa’s room, and he accidentally fell over her.

After this, Yamada left but hinted that she wanted Ichikawa to visit her house, too. The next day in school, Ichikawa tells Yamada why he enjoys school, and Yamada hugs him. Later, a mutual friend saw them creating an awkward situation, and that friend assumed Ichikawa and Anna had done something together. The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 will make Ichikawa and Anna even closer. A few new characters will be introduced, too, and new events will occur. But our couple will be making everyone’s heart faster.

The Dangers In My Heart: Cast & Production Team 

Anime voice actors are skilled professionals who lend their voices to characters. They are crucial in bringing these animated characters to life and immersing the audience in the story. The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 cast will be as follows

Horie Shun as Ichikawa Kyoutarou

Youmiya Hina as Yamada Anna

Han Megumi as Sekine,l Moeko

Tamura Yukari as Ichikawa Kana

Asai Ayaka as Kobayashi Chihiro

Shimazaki Nobunaga as Nanjou Haruya

The anime production team is a group of professionals responsible for creating an animated television series or film. It comprises various members, including producers, directors, writers, animators, sound designers, and musicians.  The production team for season 2 is as follows 

Hiroaki Akagi as Director 

Jukki Hanada as Script Writer 

Masato Katsumata as Character Designer 

Konuma Noriyoshi as Sound Director 

Credit- Shin-Ei Animation

What Makes Dangers In My Heart A Good Rom-Com Anime?

To start with, the show’s story is intriguing, and its characters are fun to watch. Besides, this anime doesn’t take much time to form a good relationship between Yamada and Ichikawa. Things are going smoothly, and with each episode, both the characters are coming closer. One of the best things about the anime that fans liked the most was the height difference. 

Usually, the guy is taller than the girl, but here, it is the opposite, and it doesn’t bother the viewers. Instead, it makes it more fun for them. Manga people can relate to Ichikawa, and they like how Yamada is a free spirit who eats and laughs a lot but still looks adorable too. Its romance and comedy elements are well-balanced, making it worth watching anime.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 Officially Announced for January 2024!


— AnimeTV チェーン (@animetv_jp) June 17, 2023

The Dangers In My Heart Season 2: Release Date

The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 will be released in January 2024. Season one of the anime was a spring anime, and season 2 will be a winter anime. In around a few months, fans will be able to see the new season of the anime. The story of this show is wholesome, and its animation quality is exceptional, bringing the vivid and imaginative world of the anime to life in mesmerizing detail.

Furthermore, the soundtrack perfectly complements the cute moments, enhancing the overall atmosphere and emotional impact of each scene. The Dangers In My Heart is a must-watch rom-com anime, and it is well-loved by everyone. Fans can rewatch season one legally on HiDive; its episodes are also available to watch in dub. For more anime content, visit The Anime Daily often.

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