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The Demon Prince(s) of Momochi #01 — Social Services Have Given Up


Take your backpack and go die in the mountains, kid.


Ah, good. The flavor of tepid cliche that just bores me instead of filling me with existential dread for the entire anime industry. A throwback to when the girl harems were mainly about becoming the live-in maid for a bunch of angsty pretty boys with animal ears in a remote house with some ill-defined mission to combat the supernatural for one episode and then basically never again after a complete failure of social services to care for an orphaned child instead of being the reincarnated villainess in a genre of game that never existed. Your wannabe Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Bed and Breakfast for Spirits, so on and so forth. A relative rarity these days, so I don’t begrudge this one for its mere existence too much, but it is entirely Just Another One of Those©, completely paint by the numbers and at least as far as this episode goes, not a single original bone in its body nor in its presentation.

And… uh… I don’t have a whole lot to say besides that. It really is that generic and its script may well have been a 1:1 copy from any of those other things. Most of the first half, my mind was wandering, wondering about how exactly any adult would be handing a will to a 16 year old orphan and telling them they have an abandoned house in the middle of the mountains, so pack your backpack and get the hell out. And our protagonist couldn’t be more thrilled about it. But that’s the premise for all of these for some reason, and we’re around 30 years too late to start complaining about it. I guess it was somehow the most baseline animated thing I’ve watched so far today, but that’s definitely more an indictment of how godawful those cheat power shows have been as this was firmly on the side of just below servicable. It is… simply inoffensively generic as a bar of soap. But in a world where abrasive sandpaper has somehow become the cleaning implement of choice in this extremely tortured analogy.


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