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The Way of Pon #01 — Bird Brains


Just what are they feeding these girls?


After the previous four shows today, something attempting to actually be a little absurd with some genuinely stupid faces feels like a palate cleanser. Like the pretty boy show, it’s definitely reminiscent of the girls-in-a-club shows that were all the rage five or so years ago that were about 50% girls making stupid faces, and 50% reciting the Wikipedia entry on whatever the hobby was. In this case, mahjong, which means some truly half-assed CGI that may have genuinely been recycled from a PS1 game. There’s also a magical bird for no particular reason. It doesn’t do anything but announce that it’s a magical mahjong bird. Maybe to balance out the rest of the characters all being giant chested girls in different flavors. Ditzy. Sporty. Girly. Rich. Goth. All flavors of double D teenager. 

The most creative thing about it certain weren’t all the Kaiji references, but they were all terrible at the game and just screwing around. I don’t know that I’d say it was funny necessarily, but it was something that I could see mistaken for actual comedy instead of people spontaneously yelling BWAAAGH. I’d compare it to something like Softeni, Sei*zon, or even Teppen for things that genuinely are weird and absurd to comic levels though. This was more just some light references and screwing around. Which… fine, I guess. It’s more believable than all the club things where they see one game and are sucked into a psychedelic world of wonder. Mahjong is just an excuse to screw around with friends. That’s… nice, I guess? But it doesn’t feel like a whole ton more than just that.


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