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The Faraway Paladin S2 Review — D

The adventure continues…

I should have dropped this after the first season. You all may recall that the first season had a great first arc where he leaves his three undead parents behind, and then proceeded to go absolutely nowhere with the most generic fantasy adventure story. This season of course continued the generic adventure story, climaxing with meeting the dwarf king and fighting a dragon.

It’s hard to describe how mind-numbingly predictable and unexciting this all was. It also doesn’t help that the characters all feel so dull and lifeless. This season focused on a new dwarf character who was simply infuriating. Additionally, the main character is mind-numbingly boring— a goody-two shoes saint with no personality outside of that.

Storytelling – D – Glad it’s over.
Voice – D – Generic.
Characters – D – Not much there.
Attention Grab – F – Lost all interest.
Production – B – Looks decent.
Overall – D

Recommendations – Any other fantasy show…

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