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30 Year Old Virgin Wizard #01 — Standard Backgrounds Template


Is there just a package that all anime studios use for those things?


…Yep, it sure is bog standard BL. Sullen dude matched with pushy sparkly bigger dude, and oh no, what are these feelings, but maybe I like being dominated? Just as weird no matter the sexes or the configuration thereof. Thinking about it, I’m not even sure you get more flower backgrounds and silly faces if it’s boy/boy, girl/girl, or girl/boy. Perhaps in the submissive boy with assertive girl case, but there’s not that many of those, and they usually switch up quickly enough.

There’s nothing really notable here, nor is it trying to be. But since there’s only one of it as opposed to a baker’s dozen reincarnation shows, I have slightly more respect for it half-assing an uncontested tiny slice of the pie instead of chasing the most popular trend. Having confirmed that it is exactly as it appears on the tin though, there’s not much else to say. It does bring back fond memories about that one show of the sister trying to seduce her brother, and him accidentally getting deep into BL, but actually satire BL. Where the dude was a pizza delivery man, delivering to the CEO on the 50th floor, and then oops, his clothes fell off and now he’s rubbing steaming hot oily pepperoni all over himself. Now that’s parody. 

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