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Ishura #02 — Overflow of CGI Dragons


Why so much CGI when you’re so bad at it?


think that it was probably meant to introduce three more characters, each in their own little eight minute segments, but the first 16 or so minutes had them sitting in a wagon/room, announcing their current situation for the benefit of mostly the audience. When they stopped giving exposition, it was because there was some really bad CGI to suffer through. First, CGI little dragons wyverns gratuitously liquifying CGI horses and bandits while the party, which seemed to be some girl and two monsters, sat patiently and waited for it to end. Then Generic Noble #74124 went off to argue with a big CGI dragon that sat there like a toad until the final character showed up, a chatty CGI little dragon wyvern with a bunch of random nonsense strapped to it.  A gun, goggles, backpack, superfluous third arm. How do they even get dressed in the morning?

There wasn’t much of a connecting thread between anything here, let alone connecting back to the first episode. A bunch of CGI dragons, I guess? Nor can I say that I learned much about anything either, not the characters nor the world, so it’s difficult to say the episode felt like anything but a disjointed mess, certainly not helped by the really poor CGI undulating at inconsistent framerates to the rest of the animation. Just that two of the three characters (parties?) that it spent the first two thirds of the episode on barely managed to get off their asses is a big indictment of events, though it’s not like the three-armed wyvern did much more than dramatic posing while everybody waited obligingly for the conversations to finish.


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