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Surgeon Elise #01 — Paging Dr. Mary Sue


Pretty sure a surgery record of 100% success makes you a witch.


I would say that it lost me as soon as it started doing the whole “You’re the world famous Surgeon Queen who has never once ever lost a single patient or made any mistake, EVER,” but it never really had me to begin with. Just the idea of literally anybody who’s perfect at literally everything they do is ridiculous, but surgery? I think people would be assuming she’s a witch. And this came after the opening hook where it was one-upping the standard cliche of random truck induced reincarnation to instead crash a plane. It really looked at its villainess kin and decided that the truck was going to be the thing that it would change to make it stand out.

At least it’s not reincarnated into a game with the requisite announcement of how cliche the game and all its characters are, but that’s as much ‘originality’ as it can muster. Just like the Lv 99 one yesterday, this doesn’t seem to have been written by humans so much as spawned from the primordial ooze of a soulless marketing department that sees that villainess reincarnation things are popular. If you’re expecting any actual doctoring, I assure you, there is none. Only the same tedious cut and past first episode that all these things have, with special attention paid to making her the greatest most specialest most doctorest surgeon ever born who never fails at anything, always does her bestest, and is beloved by all. 


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