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Sengoku Fox #01 — The Oblivious Pun Gang


Maybe get some better naming sense.


On the sliding scale of fantasy action/adventure shows between something like Inuyasha/Thundercats and Garo/Dorororo, this is very, very firmly unfortunately on the childish side. Hell, the first dude they encounter yells out that his special attack is splitting helmets, and they’re up against a group of bandits literally named “Demon Helmet,” led by a… demon helmet. Which they’re doing because evil is bad, and they want to do good. There’s not a lot of nuance or depth. Or animation either for that matter, as you’d expect from White Fox. It’s certainly on the better side of servicable, but a lot of reversions to stills or switches to the obnoxious dude reacting really prevent the action from ever getting going, even if it wasn’t so short.

It at least breezes right along, despite the lack of any real plot. That whole intro above was just the first half of the episode before it cuts to some later day and a random monster roaming around, which was more an excuse to explain the local monster hunters and do some melodramatic flashbacks for the comic relief third wheel. I think really the childishness of it, especially Yelly Reactionfaces is the main thing holding it back. Do-gooders traveling the countryside, meeting colorful characters, investigating and slaying the local monster because it’s the right thing to do in a bad world? I’m all good with that, but the first half was so superficial and the second half was literally just a random monster out of nowhere on the road, which they had to introduce as a random monster eight minutes before getting to it. Give me a little more meat to chew on here, especially if the action is going to be so aggressively mediocre.    

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