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Your Next Webtoon: The Demons Within Us

There have been many stories that are cliche, uninteresting, and generally dry. But the one we’re about to talk about is an exception!

The Demons Within Us is the latest work of Malina Morales: a dedicated member of the Army and a pre-medical student with a passion for storytelling through comics.

Her artistic endeavors are inspired by the people she’s encountered and the places she has explored. 

The Demons Within Us: An Introduction

The work of art in this webtoon takes a unique perspective and attractive plot. But that’s not all there is to it.

You can find the webtoon to read here:

The Demons Within Us – Webtoon
The Demons Within Us – Tapas

Read on!

Embarking on Tywi: Setting the Stage for The Demons Within Us

In this captivating tale of fantasy, humor, and adventure, the readers are immersed in the world of Akela, a 17-year-old girl on the brink of a transformative journey. 

As her fantasy village based on Polynesian culture, Tywi, faces constant threats from marauding pirates who threaten and kill off villagers for gold and land. 

The Protagonist Unveiled: Akela’s Transformative Journey

Akela seeks help from the ancient spirit Caddassi to save herself and her village from pirates. Little does she know that this decision will seal a pact, transforming her into a Regional Spirit based on the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Perilous Quest: Akela and Chana’s Journey

Accompanied by her step-sister Chana who always has her back, Akela embarks on a perilous journey to the capital to plead to the empire for the development of an army to defend their homeland, while showing how her weapons, experience, and abilities can aid in defense. 

She is not a fully developed Regional Spirit and must learn to work with others to accomplish military goals. 

Akela’s home island of Twyi, there exists individuals who possess unique superpowers, such as Personifying, where faces can leave bodies and possess objects – making the people of Twyi historically the ultimate spies; an asset that will be used in war.

Epic Unfolding: The 11 Chapters of “The Demons Within Us”

The Demons Within Us” is an 11-chaptered graphic novel that unfolds as Akela grapples with her newfound responsibilities, not only as a guardian of her people but also as a symbol of resistance against colonization. 

The storyline is woven with questions that keep readers on the edge of their seats: How will Akela’s transformation into a full Regional Spirit evolve? Can she prevent the colonization of Tywi? What unique abilities will she discover along the way? And who will stand by her side in this epic journey?

Internal and External Struggles: Akela’s Battle Within

As Akela faces external challenges, she also battles internal demons, learning to open up and overcome anger and isolation. 

Despite the pain she is in, this motivates her to save villages and prevent the cycle of pain and loss from being a continuous theme in her and others’ lives.

The narrative delves into the spiritual realm as each chakra within Akela must be cleared to become a fully realized Regional Spirit, a process laden with pain and self-discovery. 

If she does not learn to control her anger she will never become a properly realized Regional Spirit and convince the empire for military aid. 

Thrilling Narrative: Courage, Transformation, and Resistance

The story promises readers a thrilling narrative of courage, transformation, and the fight against oppression.

It is not merely a tale of fantasy but a profound exploration of personal growth and resilience.

Inspirations and Comparisons: A Legacy Among Legends

Similar works that have been done are famous series such as Avatar the Last Airbender, Naruto, and Stephen Universe. You’ll probably get something similar out of this with a blend of the above-mentioned qualities.

That’s it for this walkthrough. We await you to start your journey of The Demons Within Us and experience something you’ve long awaited.

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