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Wind Breaker #01 — Gangs of Always-Do-Wells


Isn’t this usually how organized crime gets started?

Salad Bowl will have to wait a little bit. Things to do briefly.


Given everything else I’ve suffered through this season so far, a little generic shounen fighting show with the same premise as every light novel under the sun in 2010 feels pretty nice. You see, he has weird hair and eyes, so people are scared/repulsed by him, but he’s a good guy at heart, as literally every single character in the actual show that’s not a mean flashback blob can plainly see. And if that wasn’t clear enough, he also announces it, repeatedly. As do they. It’s not going to be taking home any awards for the writing or characters, that’s for sure, but they’re at least servicable, if slightly on the irritatingly yelly side.

What is actually really impressive about this episode is the animation. Both the choreography of the fight scenes and how much actual raw animation is put into them. They look like genuine martial arts fights and with how godawful all these super powered cheat show things have been, are actually genuinely the most impressive piece of raw animation I’ve seen in probably months. BUUUUUUUUT the spectre hanging over this praise is that the studio producing the show is Cloverworks, and they have a habit of going extremely hard in the animation in the first episode and then cheaping out for the rest (eg Wonder Egg, Slave Ward, etc). If it can maintain that, it’d be worth watching just for the animation, ala something like Bento, even discounting how dire other shows this season appear. But that is one hell of an if.

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