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Doomsday Train #02 — Swan Boat Infodump Delivery Service


What is this show even trying to do?


I prodded at both this and the God Games show, and while I made it a bit further in this than that, I couldn’t make it to the end. That one had them fighting a giant golem, which is managed to make boring as hell by avoiding doing that for the entire episode so they could talk about the rules instead. There was even a diagram of rules. This never put forth any kind of goal or purpose for the episode, so while it too avoided accomplishing anything, aside from a brief splash of water, there was nothing it was procrastinating from.

All it did from start to finish was its comedy routine, and it’s not even a good one. Every now and then, it seemed like something was about to happen; the train’s out of control, the plants suddenly grew out of control, a dude comes tooling up in a swan boat, but then the train just goes right back under control, he had his own comedy schtick to deliver for a few minutes, and the plants are just there for ambience, I guess. You’d think a show about traveling to different places that had been twisted by a supernatural force would write itself, but that doesn’t happen when you don’t actually travel to those places. I could see a filler bottle episode like this some six or seven episodes in, but the second episode? Twenty whole minutes in transit, still listening to schtick? Come on. 

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