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I’m Home, Welcome Home #01 — Christmas in April


What season even is it wherever they are?


It’s what everybody expected. A bit weird, and wearing its Omegaverse fetish on its sleeve, and I don’t want to talk about the Omegaverse a second time. I don’t mean weird because it’s two dudes in a relationship raising a child. It’s weird because it’ll say things like “Oh, yeah, we’re two dudes in a relationship. Of course neither of us would pay attention to home ambience. We bought a vase, but we’re dudes, so we don’t know what to do with it until a woman gave us flowers. Two dudes are clearly missing a woman’s touch.” And then in every other shot of their rooms, they’re filled with random plants in the most generic house imaginable. Or the way dudes can caress each other, blush and emit sparkles, but show them kissing? That’s a bridge too far. Preferably it needs to happen off screen, or at the very least, one of them be frozen rock still while the other’s head obscures the kiss so it’s just a chaste little peck against a mannequin. Or perhaps I’m reading too much into a show that has just plain has no budget whatsoever.

It’s another slice of life kind of thing where everything is super idyllic and everybody is completely perfect to everybody else. Slightly more fetishized with the Omegaverse stuff, complete with females hugging each other and gleefully squealing in the background whenever two dudes interact, but not anything beyond that. Oh, sure, the one dude is angsty about some prejudice he suffered at some point, somewhere, some time but that’s just cassus beli for more sparklies and chaste hugging. Everybody is too perfect to grow, develop, or be actual people, and that is fundamentally boring to me.

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