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Amnesia Battery #01 — The Baseball Bullies


Japanese sports bullies are weird.


At least it has a bit to do with baseball, I suppose. And is clearly trying to be funny. But we move from the bike thing attempting and accomplishing nothing, to attempting comedy and being really obnoxious about it. Almost all the jokes it has is somebody loudly overreacting; either the not-protagonist whose head we’re trapped in and whose internal narration we’re subjected to nonstop, announcing everything currently happening, or the blonde gag character who has the titular amnesia. And the ‘conflict’ of the episode is two random roaming bullies who are really into specifically baseball-based bullying. But one good pitch with his OTP catcher puts them in their place and they go literally crawling away, crying in fear.

While it’s decently animated, I can’t see a Mappa show going needlessly hard on a random dude stealing a base and think “This is probably unneeded and you could’ve let your animators eat this week instead.” The absurd guitar riffs attempting to sell how badass his pitching is, sure? Music’s cheap. Besides that, it’s Generic Sports Show #115,134. The one dude is the stoic super genius. The other dude is a gag character. There’s a third generic NPC to over-narrate the entire thing. Nothing really notable for weal nor woe about it, to be honest.  

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