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The Other Side of Voice Actor Radio #01 — The Yelling of the Premise


Please stop.


I had to pause at around 9 minutes in when we finally reached our first ‘joke,’ the statement of its premise. Which first, a character had to shout out. And then one of the girls had to repeat. And then the other girl had to also repeat. It pained me. Severely. Can you imagine? Existing and being cordial in a working environment with somebody you don’t like? That’s so crazy that it needs to be repeated at a yell three times. Never mind that we spent most of the first eight minutes listening to a character self-narrate the premise as well.

I’m not even sure how much of a comedy it even wants to be, despite the obvious ‘wacky’ odd couple setup. Every now and then it makes a stupid face, or yells something, but blink and you’ll miss it. You’d expect at least a bunch of passive-aggressive sniping, but it’s more “I’M JEALOUS OF YOU.” “NO, I’M JEALOUS OF YOU.” And… that’s sort of it. Okay, so it’s a character drama then? Well, one tells the other “don’t be nervous,” trips her, tells again not to be nervous, and that’s the big character drama moment for the episode. Yeah, we definitely grew and learned a valuable lesson here.

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