Terror To See

Currently I am avoiding the start of the seasonal season this month to catch up on some of my back log and this is the first completed. What a start I picked ahaha lol. 

We are all very melodramatic in our teens. Everything feels the end when the bully won’t leave us alone, parents are arguing constantly, school sucks. .  just. . things are not going right. We go on to say “life sucks, this is the end of everything, I don’t want to be here”. Literally I never meant any of these things I said half the time but everybody has their own ‘hard’ they are dealing with and twelve, nine or Lisa go to the end to not just terrify. Terror in Resonance is a short ride of sheer thrill with precise intent towards it’s themes and messages to it’s audiences. Honestly this series blew me away with its delivery on everything and when I saw the name Shinichiro Watanabe, you’re in for a direction of spectacle. 


Terror In Resonance is about a lot of things but the takeaway I got was the smallest of voices can be loud but I don’t need to resort to terrorism for that haha. Sometimes it’s said “are we really looking with our eyes”? That is exactly this anime references from and the execution is crafted so well by the end everything is clearer than all the speculation and guessing you’re going to be doing. Connective and deep the places of the three characters in this series and place in the world, sad and beautiful at so many moments. Lisa is the tag along you feel sorry for throughout the whole experience, you may question what value is she adding at first but someone who is lost finding her place in this mess is humbling is all I can say to describe. Lisa is solo straddler and lost lamb of life where the negative is unbearable to bear, will attempt whatever to just feel a rush. Lisa’s desperation reminded me of Twilight Bella and her phase of without Edward and she attempted crazy stuff. 

The music, background tracks play such a huge part in creating the emotive atmosphere at singular key points during the series, the variation of songs is so fun and is all on point. Everything feels like the end vibe at many points and this is replicated through the chosen musical backings and tracks with aggression and precision. I can’t emphasis that enough. 

Things are crazy from the first episode and the start up is executed better than I thought because I don’t typically watch a lot of thriller things, I’m trying to do better but I felt in resonance with this show almost immediately. Twelve and Nine are a pair of untamed things, highly intelligent and crystal clear goal, their characters are demanding your attention from the get go. Maybe that is all is going for them, certainly interesting characters but one dimensional where they aren’t fleshed out but through flashbacks. I wasn’t hooked but just enough to care in the end about their one goal. 

No denying the experience you are taken on with this anime, the time of watching last week felt the right time to watch to just switch my brain off to life so if you are in need of that then, get lost like I did. 

See you next post! 

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