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Top 10 Strongest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters of All Time

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the longest-running manga and anime franchises of Japan, having spawned eight parts of the manga, anime adaptions, video games, spin-off stories, a live-action movie, and a large variety of anime merchandise.

Usually, when a franchise exists for so long, things such as the quality declining or the fans losing interest can happen often, but the JoJo franchise has always proven itself to be consistent and full of life. Featuring entirely new stories that defy expectations every single time, most of the fans admit that the consistency and the quality of writing keeps improving in every new part of the long-running manga.

Thanks to the quality of writing and uniquely bizarre nature of the franchise, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has a colorful cast of characters and Stands, which are diverse in both their design and personalities and has the fans divided between who they love more between the large roster.

The characters include all kinds of power levels, which means that some of them can be seen as comic relief, some are normal and when we go to the serious side of things, the power levels of some characters and their Stands combined can be considered some of the strongest characters not only in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise itself – but also compared to the unrelated world of manga and anime in general.

The power levels of JoJo characters can be extremely ridiculous, with the strongest ones being able to stop, erase, and manipulate time itself. Their powers also include overpowered feats such as the ability to create and manipulate life upon touch, create explosives in items as simple as coins, and even steal souls.

With such powerful characters that can manipulate time and reality, it’s a very tough competition to determine who are the strongest out of them all, but it is not an impossible task if you take a thorough look at their strengths, weaknesses, and the things they were able to achieve within the storylines they were a part of. So, in this articleyou will find the definitive answer to ‘who is the strongest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character?’ – backed with facts and detail!

10- Josuke & Soft & Wet

Soft & Wet is a uniquely versatile Stand that works best at close-range. In brute strength, it is strong enough to break an entire apartment wall with a single kick and can stand its ground against offensive Stands, but its strength in physical combat is somewhat limited due to the fact it cannot break rocks.

That’s where Bubble Generation comes in, which lets the Stand create floating bubbles that can be controlled by Josuke. The bubbles are tiny cords that are vibrating very fast and look like a sphere. The abilities of the bubbles include lifting heavy objects including humans, the ability to take away things from living and inanimate objects such as a person’s sight, the water in a human’s body, sound, hair, friction, smell, and so on. The ability to take away things like that is extremely effective in fights, which Josuke uses creatively.

Additionally, the bubbles can also have more offensive uses, such as the ability to detonate into explosions that can cause damage in certain ranges, and he can also use the force for non-explosive purposes to push objects or people away by having the bubbles pop close to them. Lastly, he can even cause the bubbles to be embedded under his opponent’s skins and then pop, causing them to be injured.

The limits of the bubbles are nearly endless and rely on the user’s creativity and practice, and since the JoJolion manga is still on-going, we may even see more abilities in time to come. For now, the fact it can lift objects, cause explosions, steal things from people, cause punctures within a person’s skin that can drain someone of water or even injure them, as well as the Stand, in general, having a great deal of raw strength – make Soft & Wet one of the strongest Stands in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise, and a threatening duo when combined with Josuke’s creativity.

9- Shigekiyo Yangu & Harvest

9 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Shigekiyo Yangu & Harvest

While from a conventional standpoint, Harvest and Shigekiyo are seen as comic-relief characters who are eventually killed off to act as a motivation for the protagonists – but if you stop and think about the Harvest Stand properly, it’s potentially strong enough to destroy cities.

The Stand consists of 500 units of small beings, that can act as a long-range stand that can travel through cities and cover entire colonies. Each of the individual units can punch a hole into human flesh, and they also have needles that they can inject into people through which they can insert any liquid they wish to. Additionally, they can also dismantle things very fast, and even if one of them dies, it does not cause any harm to its user.

With 500 individual units who can punch through flesh and even inject people with poison or any other liquid, if used by someone with sinister plans, can poison and kill entire cities. And even in a fight, fighting 500 of these is just very difficult, especially if the user controls them creatively.

The only reason we don’t see that side of the Stand is because Shigekiyo is a kid and his plans are to just collect coins and coupons. So, while many people would disagree with this, the potential to overthrow towns and poison an entire city is just too dangerous to ignore.

8- Jotaro Kujo with Star Platinum & Dio Brando with The World

8 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Jotaro Kujo with Star Platinum & Dio Brando with The World

This list wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Star Platinum and The World, because they are easily one of the strongest characters and Stands in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise, which is something that can easily be seen even in Stardust Crusaders, as well as any media they are generally featured in.

With extreme brute strength and surprising endurance, the two Stands can face almost any threat on their own and defeat most Stands irrespective of how powerful they are, but it is their additional power to stop time itself that gives them an increased edge over the others. The ability to pause time lets them beat their opponent to a pulp before they can even realize what happened, as well as use it to escape and perform other tasks.

The fact Jotaro Kujo (check our new article of Jotaro!) and Dio Brando are very strong without their Stands is remarkable as well, and their strengths enhance the way their Stands are used – such as Dio’s vampire abilities helping him in battle, and Jotaro’s creative thinking giving him an edge over Dio despite Dio being conventionally stronger.JJBA - Dio vs Jotaro Hoodie

7- Diavolo with King Crimson

7 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Diavolo with King Crimson

Diavolo’s Stand King Crimson is one of the strongest and deadliest Stands in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise, in both brute strength and the ability to erase time itself. The Stand is considered invincible against a large number of other Stands, even if particularly powerful, due to its unique ability to tamper with time that renders them useless.

The brute strength of King Crimson is generally compared to the likes of Star Platinum and The World, although it can be safely assumed it’s not as powerful as them. But its power to tamper with time is quite unique, as it does not pause time like the other Stands, rather it can foresee the future actions of its opponents and then erase it, with the person having no memories of it occurring and they suddenly find themselves in the situation they are supposed to be in after Diavolo’s changes.

Having an extremely deadly Stand that can fight some of the most powerful offensive Stands, as well as the ability to see the future of its opponents and then erase it, rewriting a new version and putting them in the altered turn of events – is one of the most unique and deadly abilities in the JoJo franchise, and makes Diavolo and King Crimson one of the deadliest duos you can encounter.

6- Weather Report

6 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Weather Report

Weather Report is the name to both a character who happens to be Enrico Pucci’s brother and an extremely powerful Stand with ridiculous strength, which is later carried onto Emporio Alniño. It’s a very versatile Stand that can control the weather at its will, and the things it can do through that power are insane.

It can manipulate the atmosphere around itself, and through that, it can summon different things such as wind, rain, lightning and can even create micro-climates that can range as far as to 30km. The user has control over these things so he can further shape it to create heavy rain, fog, and even specific sunny spots within the large radius of the rain.

Its wind abilities are particularly useful due to the fact it allows the user to detect movement, and in close-range, the wind can be strong enough to pierce through flesh. Furthermore, it can control humidity and clouds which can act as both offensive and defensive options thanks to a large number of possibilities, such as clouds being used for defense.

Additionally, it can also manipulate oxygen in an area, which can be lethal enough to kill someone if used correctly, which is an extremely powerful and subtle ability. It can summon electricity within the user’s body which they can use to electrocute their enemies, and lastly, an unlikely ability is that it can rain poisonous frogs and other animals of that type in some cases, which is similar to how a tornado can bring animals from a different area.

On top of all that, there is another form to the ability called Heavy Weather, which is automated based on the user’s emotions (mainly rage). It can generate tons of rainbows within its vicinity and if someone touches them, they immediately morph into a snail. The transformation varies between giant snails or small snails, if people or animals touch those snails, they turn into one as well. The only way to stop this is to kill the person or close your eyes, as the person is unable to see the rays that cause them to transform.

Although the abilities sound absurd, they are extremely effective in a battle, especially due to the unpredictability and abnormal nature of them, and have been strong enough to challenge and kill opponents with power levels of Enrico Pucci himself.

5- Enrico Pucci with Made in Heaven

5 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Enrico Pucci with Made in Heaven

Enrico Pucci is one of the most notable villains in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise, mainly due to the fact he managed to do what no other antagonist could do – kill Jotaro Kujo. Granted, Jotaro was not at his peak and also failed because of an attempt to protect Jolyne Cujoh – but even a non-peak Jotaro, combined with other allies AND another Joestar who has her own set of powers is a force to be reckoned with, and defeating them is a major achievement.

At first, he has the Whitesnake Stand which has a long list of abilities. It has a range as long as 20 meters and is still strong enough to fight offensive Stands easily. The other ability is to produce acid that digests objects, and when being dissolved by it, the person enters a dream-like state where they can’t differentiate between the dream and reality.

It can also disguise itself as other people and have special ‘Discs’ which can extract a person’s Stand or memories in the discs, extracting them physically. And the extraction can even cause the victim’s body to go in a comatose state or die entirely. Lastly, through the discs, it can even make people do ridiculous things such as making a person’s body a music player.

The first evolution of Whitesnake is the C-Moon Stand, which gains new abilities such as shifting gravity, which can cause people to lose balance or objects to break, and Pucci and his Stand can walk around freely without repercussions. It can also touch objects and cause them to inverse and then reverse the effect by touching it again.

C-Moon’s attacks are destructive enough to cause fatal damage, such as stopping hearts and depriving the brain of oxygen. Lastly, it can accelerate time which causes everything around it to be affected, whether it is a living being or a random object. However, Enrico Pucci cannot properly control this phase of time acceleration in the Stand.

The final evolution to his Stand, and the most important one, is Made in Heaven. It is an extremely powerful close-range Stand, which can control time on top of all of the other abilities Enrico Pucci was already able to use, easily acting as a counter to time-controlling Stands like Star Platinum.

It has the strongest version of time acceleration which allows it to speed up time to such an extent that it can bring about the apocalypse and even restart the world, and speed up other things such as a Stand’s ability to slow down/pause time as well. Enrico Pucci on the other hand has great speed and agility himself, and that usually helps him use even better by going around his opponents effortlessly.

The ability to steal Stands and memories of other people, accelerate time and create a new world through it, cancel out time-controlling of opponents, and generally having strength that to be fatal enough to tear people apart with strikes – easily make Enrico Pucci one of the scariest antagonists in the JoJo franchise due to the sheer strength and endless list of abilities.

4- Funny Valentine with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

4 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Funny Valentine with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

President Funny Valentine has one of the most unique Stands in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise, called Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. The reason it’s so unique and versatile is mainly because of the fact it can tamper with the multiverse. In its normal form and basic usage, it is a close-ranged stand with normal speed and strength, although it can often deliver particularly strong hits and display speed faster than its average.

Its true strength comes through its ability to hop between dimensions, and Funny Valentine’s creativity is one of the factors that make it even more dangerous. Through its use, different dimensions can co-exist at the same time and the user can even interact with them without suffering any consequences. Funny can travel through dimensions and interact with objects, which allows him to appear out of anywhere as a result and surprise his opponents. On top of that, he can also create holes in part of his body that causes projectiles to go through it without harming his body.

While Funny can co-exist with other versions of himself, it does not work that way with others as they can harm each other or die upon touch, with the only way to avoid it is going back to their own dimension as soon as they can. Due to this, Funny uses this against his enemies and often traps them within the other dimensions or causing them to harm themselves. He can also pull objects through the other dimensions to suddenly attack an unsuspecting enemy with them, thanks to the endless possibilities of his ability.

He can also transfer his consciousness and Stand to different versions of himself if badly injured, which then makes the version of him with the Stand the ‘main’ version.

His abilities do not stop here, as an evolved version of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap exists which is called ’Love Train’, which is gained by the ‘Saint’s Corpse’. When activated, it makes Funny Valentine nearly invincible, which redirects all possible misfortune that could come towards his way far from him through a wall of light. Aside from the invincibility, he can also glide at high speeds, float, or even flatten his shape.

Objects such as trees, signs, and even water becomes closer to Funny and the changes in position cause them to protect him if he is about to be hit. And on top of all of this, Love Train can make most of its attacks fatal and the damage reaches spots that would quickly cause the person to die.

With all of these abilities and very few weaknesses, Funny Valentine and his Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is amazingly overpowered, and among the strongest Stands in the entire franchise, vulnerable to only a few things such as the Golden Spin.

3- Johnny Joestar with Tusk ACT4

3 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Johnny Joestar with Tusk ACT4

Johnny Joestar possesses a unique Stand called Tusk, which is one of the strongest and most versatile Stands in the JoJo franchise. Much like the Echoes Stand from Part 4, Tusk is a Stand that acts through multiple forms, and each of the forms (referred to as Acts) is stronger than the previous one.

The Tusk Stand functions through the Spin phenomenon introduced in the new continuity, which allows the user to use special rotational attacks referred to as Spin, and can be compared to the Ripple ability from the original universe. At ACT1, Johnny is given the ability to spin his fingernails and toenails at such a high speed that they can act as a bullet, being able to cut through wood, human flesh, and even rocks.

ACT2 lets Johnny use an enhanced version of the nail bullets, and even allows him to rotate them around his fingers like axes which allow him to drill as well. They also temporarily leave holes behind after impact, which Johnny can direct towards a target and once they touch the target, it is like they were hit by a bullet. The holes are also void by definition, so they cannot be sent to a different dimension by Stands like Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

ACT3 grants Johnny the ability to shoot himself with his fingernail using aureal rotation, and he can use the hole created by the shot as something he can suck himself into. The hole becomes a special place that acts like a wormhole, through which Johnny can travel to a different place strategically or use certain parts of his body such as his hands through which he can shoot strategically and often surprise his enemies.

In ACT4, the final and most powerful evolution that makes the Tusk Stand and its user worthy of Top 3rd most powerful JoJo character, allowing Johnny to gain outrageously powerful abilities through the use of the Golden Spin. While difficult to deploy, once used it has infinite energy which can be used in a couple of ways, such as breaking through dimensional barriers (like Love Train’s), defying the law of gravity, cause an insane amount of damage, and upon touch it can cause people to spin infinitely, to the point it distorts their shape and throws them in a different dimension. The person travels through different parts of the dimension, dropping on the spot where they were attacked originally.

Additionally, Johnny can also use these abilities to travel and even use them like a carriage, and he can enter the pocket dimensions of other people such as Funny Valentine himself.

All of these abilities in Tusk ACT4 make Johnny Joestar one of the strongest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters in the main canon, having the ability to travel through dimensions, use his nails as powerful bullets, and forcing his opponents in infinite loops where they can even go through dimensions, trapped mercilessly.

2- Giorno Giovanna with Gold Experience Requiem

2 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Giorno Giovanna with Golf Experience Requiem

When keeping only the canon stories of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in mind, the one thing the majority of the fanbase can agree on is the fact Giorno Giovanna’s Gold Experience Requiem is the strongest Stand in all of the parts of JoJo combined, which makes Giorno Giovanna stronger than any protagonist or antagonist in the franchise. Take a look of our article dedicated to Giorno Giovanna!

The reason behind that is simple – once the Gold Experience Stand is pierced with the mysterious Arrow (which can awaken and evolve Stands), it gains powers that can defy all logic around it, no matter how powerful the opposition is.

Gold Experience Requiem can revert the state of anything to ’zero’, which means it can undo the actions of any person or Stand with ease, granting it a potentially infinite amount of power that can stop or undo any threat that can stand in its way. It can grant its enemies endless deaths as they can experience dying until the point of reaching zero, creating a new reality where their existence is stuck in a loop.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the general ability of Gold Experience to create and manipulate life is enhanced in the Requiem form, which allows it to use it offensively as well, as displayed when it attacks Diaviolo’s hand and pierces it through, but the same beam of creates scorpions which proceed to attack him. This easily surpasses King Crimson’s ability to stop and erase time, which allowed it to reset the attacks of its opponents.

So with the power of simply resetting and erasing everything before it even began, trapping people in eternal death loops, and a stronger version of creating and manipulating life which can even be paired with attacks to double the offense – Gold Experience Requiem is not only a ridiculously powerful Stand that can defy logic as a whole, it is also the strongest Stand we have seen in the franchise so far when it comes to canon.

1- Heaven Ascension DIO & Jotaro with Star Platinum Over Heaven

1 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Heaven Ascension Dio

We have finally reached the point where we talk about THE strongest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character of all time – and it is a tie between two characters as they are almost on the same level of power. Like often in the main storyline of JoJo itself, it has all come full circle with a Joestar up against Dio Brando, and to make it even more iconic, it is none other than Jotaro Kujo in this case. This is the only appearance of non-canon characters on the list because it’s just so hard to ignore the awesome power!

Let’s talk about Heaven Ascension DIO first, and what makes him one of the only two JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters to be this powerful on the list.

Originally from an alternate universe, this version of Dio managed to kill every single Joestar in his world, and also completed his goal of ‘obtaining heaven’, which was something he never managed to do in the main continuity. After this, he collected the souls of the ’36 sinners’, which allowed him to evolve his Stand The World to powers beyond logic, and rewrote all of humanity to worship him. He also gains the knowledge of the ‘Saint’s Corpse Parts’ and becomes even more powerful after gaining the spine.

Aside from his power to rewrite anything he can punch with his new evolved The World Over Heaven, he also has the powers to teleport, regenerate very quickly, resurrect dead people, control minds, summon bolts of lightning and also travel dimensionally.

When he goes to war with the Joestars of the main continuity, he defeats Gold Experience Requiem and Tusk Act 4 with ease, which is a task to be acknowledged since Gold Experience Requiem is the second strongest Stand in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise. The ability to rewrite anything in history by simply touching it just gives him an unlimited amount of power, and through this, he is able to erase and defeat every single Joestar except Jotaro Kujo.

1 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters - Jotaro with Star Platinum Over Heaven

Now, let’s talk about the only JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character that can beat Heaven Ascension DIO, and eventually, take place as the Top 1 strongest character – Jotaro Kujo with his evolved Stand Star Platinum Over Heaven.

When Jotaro Kujo has the final battle against Heaven Ascension DIO, he tricks DIO into punching the bracelets of the Dio from the original world, which causes Heaven Ascension Dio’s fists to be injured and he cannot rewrite history until they heal. This means that the only weakness Heaven Ascension DIO has is that unlike Funny Valentine, he cannot co-exist with another version of himself, and touching each other greatly injures them.

As a result of these events, similar to how Star Platinum gains the ability to stop time, Star Platinum learns the ability to rewrite history from The World Over Heaven. This causes Jotaro Kujo to have the same power as Heaven Ascension DIO, although his appearance does not change unlike Dio and his Stand’s. With the newfound power, he erases DIO from history, causing all of the souls within him to be freed – and rewrites the universe to be a peaceful one without any of Dio’s influence, and all of the Joestars live a peaceful life.

So, Heaven Ascension Dio and Jotaro Kujo with Star Platinum Over Heaven have the same tier of power – but Jotaro’s righteousness and quick-thinking put him a tier above, making him THE most powerful JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character of all time.

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