Unbreakable; the reverse regression manwha

Once in a while a good manwha pops up here and there but on even rarer occasions a different manwha comes along. And when I say different I’m talking about a manwha with an entirely new storyline that I haven’t heard of before. 

In the manwha “Unbreakable” we have something like a reverse regression where everyone in the story is a regressor except the main character. That’s right as absurd as it is the main character is the only non-regressor in the entire series and this causes the storyline to play out in an entirely different and interesting way.

For the art of this manwha… I’ll have to say it’s not the best I’ve seen so far but it’s certainly not the worst, even though the art style can be better, it’s made to suit the storyline and for that, I will give it a solid 6 over 10.

One of the most underrated aspects to talk about when reviewing a series is it’s pacing because the pacing is what will give the manwha a proper build-up and setting. In The Manwha Unbreakable, one can argue that it’s a bit fast-paced while others will say it’s perfectly paced but in my opinion, it’s pacing will get an 8/10

The world-building of Unbreakable is decent and able to display the turmoil that the world is in perfectly. It’s not compared to some of the greats but it will hold its candle and for that, I’ll give it a 7/10

Yeah, list the one aspect I’m not too I’m tune with. Some of it’s characters are just not properly done in my opinion. For example, some unnecessary qualities are added in justa  few characters but overall its characters are good I just wanted to voice out my unsatisfaction with a character.
It’s a good manwha to start and definitely something I will recommend 

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