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Butareba Review — C-

Isekaied as a pig.

There were some good ideas here. I loved the pig DDR dance routines, and appreciated the overall setting with the mystery of what’s wrong with this world.

Unfortunately the actual journeying aspects, as well as the characters and their relationships, didn’t deliver from my perspective. The journey consists of multiple side stories and I would frequently lose interests and doze off. But probably the worst part was the characters, especially the women. They are presented as these pure almost blank slates and it made for some very dull viewing. This was the rare case in anime where the male lead was more interesting than the women. And this was not thanks to the male lead, to be clear, who was a pretty low bar.

Storytelling – C – Lacked much of a hook.
Voice – C – Had a few interesting ideas at least…
Characters – D – Dull.
Attention Grab – D – Had to force myself to finish.
Production – C – It’s fine.
Overall – C-

RecommendationsShin Sekai Yori, Violet Evergarden (the main character looks very similar I thought…)

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