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Tales of Wedding Rings #01 — Ball-less and Chain


Why does she keep the student uniform in fantasy land exactly?


This season is doing an impressive job of elevating mediocrity. By which I mean that it is tossing out so many shows with godawful scripts and only the absolute minimal amount of animation that I feel like I’m not going to be able to help but appreciate things like High Card and Synduality simple for the virtues of not totally sucking. At least this one wasn’t reincarnation and nobody got threatened with rape. Instead, it was just the proto-version of this godawful cliche of being transported to a fantasy land and bonded to a magical fanservice girlfriend. There’s no twist or gimmick past that. 

The dude is a simpering idiot, overreacting to every little thing by yelling while still mustering up the ability to unanimatedly one-shot the giant monster of the hour. The girl is mostly cleavage and fawning all over him, even while hitting him for daring to look at her when she kicks in the door to take a bath with him. They fight monsters. No, wait. A monster. Which mostly just stands there and swats one royal, because that’s all the budget has. And the ED puts to rest any notion whatsoever about what kind of show this will be, but it’s half-assing even that. If you want to be trash, then go for the gusto and show some damn passion for it at the absolute very least. Sure, something like Highschool DxD may have been more overtly trashy, but at least it was animated. Holy hell, it was animated. Its striptease ED probably had more frames than the entire first half of this episode.


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